Nestlé COFFEE-MATE® is offering one lucky Girl Scout the chance to star in an upcoming commercial!

Scout the Girl Scout!

Nestlé COFFEE-MATE® is offering one lucky Girl Scout the chance to star in an upcoming commercial!

In celebration of its new special edition COFFEE-MATE® Girl Scouts® creamers under a license with Girl Scouts of the USA, Nestlé is launching a “Scout The Girl Scout” casting call seeking an authentic Girl Scout between the ages of 8 and 11 to star in its television commercial. 

Starting Tuesday, July 30th through mid-August, Girl Scouts nationwide with the permission of their parents can submit audition videos online at  Currently registered Girl Scouts who have been registered on or after October 1, 2012 are eligible. for more information.

Coffee appears to reduce the risk of suicide

This morning I came across an article in the Harvard Gazette
sharing the results of a study that shows coffee appears to reduce the risk of suicide. 

"Drinking several cups of coffee daily appears to reduce the risk of suicide in men and women by about 50 percent, according to a new study by researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH). The study was published online July 2 in The World Journal of Biological Psychiatry."

“Unlike previous investigations, we were able to assess association of consumption of caffeinated and non-caffeinated beverages, and we identify caffeine as the most likely candidate of any putative protective effect of coffee,” said lead researcher Michel Lucas, research fellow in the Department of Nutrition at HSPH.

The authors reviewed data from three large U.S. studies and found that the risk of suicide for adults who drank two to four cups of caffeinated coffee per day was about half that of those who drank decaffeinated coffee or very little or no coffee.

Caffeine not only stimulates the central nervous system but may act as a mild antidepressant by boosting production of certain neurotransmitters in the brain, including serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline. This could explain the lower risk of depression among coffee drinkers that had been found in past epidemiological studies, the researchers reported.

GSI Outdoors Personal Java Press Coffee Maker

I've been keeping "an eye out' for various travel, hiking or camping French Press style coffee mugs.  The reason is actually two-fold.  First, I want something I could use camping because as much as I'm a laid back, tent camping kind of girl, I also want that hot, strong, black coffee first thing in the morning.  Second, for disaster preparedness, coffee is a much appreciated comfort food.  I can live without power for a few days but life's too short to drink instant coffee.  We have a traditional "camp coffee pot" I can brew over a campfire but I have been interested in upgrading to a single mug.

The other morning I was surfing around in Amazon for another product I had to purchase when I saw the GSI Outdoor personal java press mug.  I wasn't actually looking for a mug at the moment (I was purchasing an emergency LED solar lamp at that time) but it stuck in my head.  This morning I went looking for it... took me a bit as I couldn't remember the brand name, however, I found it and wanted to feature it this morning on the Coffee Talking blog.

  • Separate mug and carafe eliminates over-brewed, muddy coffee produced by most personal French Presses.
  • Silicone ringed plunger design virtually eliminates coffee ‘blow-by’ for the most flavorful, mud-free coffee.
  • Nesting, insulated mug includes Sip-It Lid and is made of lightweight, shatter-resistant, BPA-Free Infinity clear polypropylene.
  • Insulating EVA sleeves on mug and carafe remove easily for cleaning.

Their company website lists the price as $29.95 for the 30 oz. size, however, as of this morning I saw it listed on Aamazon for $25.66.    They also offer a 50 oz. size, which many people in the comment section wrote that they had tried and liked the 30 ounce size and would be purchasing the 50 oz.  

The thing most mentioned in the reviews seemed to be how well the mug/press keeps out the dregs or coffee grounds from the finished product.  Anyone who has had to 'chew' their morning coffee can appreciate that!

You might also be interested in the camouflage version, a grinder or more traditional camp percolator coffee pot:


Coffee Fest! Information and Contact

This post is for information only and to help spread the word to coffee lovers and vendors. I am in no way affiliated with the Coffee Fest event myself.

Coffee Fest has been serving the specialty coffee and gourmet tea industries since 1992. Viewed by most as the best trade show in America and around the world specifically for those involved with retailing coffee, tea and related products. Coffee Fest continues to evolve and stay at the forefront of emerging trends.

If it looks like coffee, smells like coffee, goes well with coffee or is coffee you will find it at Coffee Fest. Everything under the sun that would be found in an upscale coffee shop on either side of the counter, including the counter would be found on the exhibition floor at Coffee Fest. The best coffee retail education, training and workshops are found at Coffee Fest.

David Heilbrunn, Show Manager
425 295-3300 ext. 113

Coffee Fest Seattle 2013
October 04 - 06, 2013

Coffee Fest New York 2014
March 07 - 09, 2014

Coffee Fest St. Louis 2014
May 30 - June 01, 2014

Coffee Coasters... personalized photo insert style and coffee themed

When I have a post up for a couple days without an update, I start to feel a little guilty! However, I've not bought any recent coffee products nor any new coffee roasts to review so really, it's been a non-coffee-post kind of household this week! This afternoon I brewed a cup of coffee, walked into the office and sat down in front of the computer.

"What shall I write about?" I asked myself.

As I sat staring off, lost in my thoughts, I realized I was staring at my coffee coaster.

My coffee-themed coffee coaster.

So of course, off I went to Amazon to see what was 'out there'.

While I intended to feature only coasters with a coffee theme, I saw these photo insert style coasters and had to mention them as well! This is the style of coaster I bought my parents about 10 years ago. It was a random Christmas or Birthday gift at the time and I figured they would enjoy putting pictures of their grandkids in them.

  • Set of 4
  • 4"

When it comes to coffee themed coasters, I grabbed 3 at random as I didn't see my exact style available any longer. (I've had them a number of years now). There is a variety of style and themes that all revolve around coffee but some are square, some circular, some are absorbent, some are high gloss or ceramic. Everyone has different tastes. I personally have both absorbent and ceramic high gloss. I like both. I found the absorbent coasters to be great for ice water, beer and other drinks that tend to have a lot of condensation, while the ceramic is fine for my morning coffee.

  • Set of 4 absorbent coasters with attractive design marries artistic form with high function
  • Coasters are natural stoneware with decorative transfer print
  • Each coaster has a durable cork backing to protect countertops and furniture
  • To remove stains, soak coaster in 1 part household bleach and 3 parts water until stain lifts, then rinse and air dry
  • Holders available; look for counterart wood coaster holds ( sold separately)

  • This set of beautiful coasters is hand painted and is truly unique
  • These coasters are crafted to continually absorb moisture with cork backing to protect furniture
  • Each set comes with 4 matching coasters and a beautiful holder to display them in
  • The holder for the coasters is painted front and back to match the artwork of the coasters
  • Each coaster is 3 1/2" Square

  • Dimensions: 4" H x 4" W x 1/4" D
  • Construction grade
  • Comes with protective felt pads (packed separately)
  • High gloss finish
  • Not absorbent

Helping spread the word: The NCA Coffee Summit to be held this October, 2013

I am not a member of the National Coffee Association but am helping spread the 'coffee word' to those interested in the 2013 Coffee Summit.


What is Coffee Summit?
NCA’s Coffee Summit is a dynamic and interactive forum that blends presentations by leading industry experts with shared experiences and insights of your fellow executives and thought leaders.

Held in a unique “open space” environment, participants split their time among activities including self-directed group discussions, learning exchanges, directed interactive forums, traditional presentations and more.

Attend Coffee Summit 2013 and you’ll learn what’s going on industry-wide, exploring its implications in intensive, substantive discussions with colleagues from companies both large and small, and deriving information and insights sure to help you generate forward-looking strategies and game-changing solutions for the issues you and your business face.
Come experience the dynamic blend of presentations from leading industry experts combined with interactive discussion sessions designed to address your most pressing business needs.

This year's Summit will feature presentations and discussion on:        
  • Sustainability
  • Single Cup
  • Risk Management
Coffee Summit Features:
  • Leading experts discussing current topics impacting the coffee industry
  • Unique open space sessions led by a certified professional facilitator
  • Plenty of networking and interactive discussion opportunities

Benefits of Attending Coffee Summit 2013

  • Deployment-ready solutions you can take back and implement in your business

  • Stratiegies that will help your business thrive in the complex and competitive coffee world

  • Practical insights and applications that address your own, individual business needs and circumstances

  • The opportunity to participate in a dynamic forum of industry thought leaders seeking to craft leading-edge strategies and solutions for the specific issues you and your business face

Don't miss this innovative forum from the National Coffee Association.
Watch your inbox and check the NCA website for upcoming news about Coffee Summit 2013. It’s a winning combination of activities that received kudos from our 2012 attendees, so mark the dates in your calendar now—and plan to attend in October!
Wednesday, October 2 –
Friday, October 4, 2013
Hyatt Regency Philadelphia at Penn’s Landing
201 South Columbus Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Pricing Through July 31, 2013
Member Early:  $300
Non-Member Early:  $385

Pricing Effective August 1, 2013
Member:  $360
Non-Member:  $470

Go to their page (HERE) for more information about registration.


The National Coffee Association has announced the date and place of the NCA Annual Convention.  From the website of the NCA ANNUAL CONVENTION page - helping to spread the word:

Where the Coffee Community Connects
Save the Date!
March 20-22, 2014
New Orleans, Louisiana
The Ritz-Carlton, New Orleans
921 Canal Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70112
NCA has negotiated an event room rate of $269 per night.

You can go to their page here.

What's the difference between coffee roasts? What does dark roast or light roast mean?

This morning it occurred to me I had never discussed the different roasts of coffee on Coffee Talking.  I think the National Coffee Association USA ( lays it out in a very concise, easy manner so I turned to them for a simple explanation this morning.

Roasting is a heat process that turns coffee into the fragrant, dark brown beans with which we are most familiar. Before being roasted, the beans were stored green, a state in which they can be kept without loss of quality or taste. Once roasted, however, they should be used as quickly as possible before the fresh roast flavor begins to diminish.

Roasting is a technical skill which approaches an art form.  It takes years of training to become an expert roaster with the ability to 'read' the beans and make decisions with split second timing. The difference between perfectly roasted coffee and a ruined batch can be a matter of seconds.

Roasting brings out the aroma and flavor that is locked inside the green coffee beans.  A green bean has none of the characteristics of a roasted bean.  It is soft and spongy to the bite and smells green, almost 'grassy.'  Roasting causes numerous chemical changes to take place as the beans are rapidly brought to very high temperatures. When they reach the peak of perfection, they are quickly cooled to stop the process. Roasted beans smell like coffee, and weigh less because the moisture has been roasted out. They are crunchy to the bite, ready to be ground and brewed.

Most roasters have specialized names for their favored roasts and there is very little industry standardization.  This can cause a great deal of confusion for the buyer. But in general, roasts fall into one of four color categories—light, medium, medium-dark or dark.  The perfect roast is a subjective choice that is sometimes determined by national preference or geographic location

The Roasts

Within the four color categories, you are likely to find common roasts as listed below.  But it is a good idea to ask before you buy.  There can be a world of difference between roasts!

Light Roasts

Light brown in color. This roast is generally preferred for milder coffee varieties. There will be no oil on the surface of these beans, because they are not roasted long enough for the oils to break through to the surface
  • Light City
  • Half City
  • Cinnamon
  • New England

Medium Roasts

Medium brown in color with a stronger flavor,  and a non-oily surface. This roast is often referred to as the American roast because it is generally preferred in the United States.
  • City
  • American
  • Breakfast

Medium—Dark Roasts

Rich, dark color with some oil on the surface and with a slight bittersweet aftertaste
  • FullCity

Dark Roasts

Shiny black beans with a oily surface and a pronounced bitterness. The darker the roast, the less acidity will be found in the coffee beverage.  Dark roast coffees run from slightly dark to charred and the names are often used interchangeably which can be very confusing.  Be sure to check your beans before you buy them!
  • High
  • Continental
  • New Orleans
  • European
  • Espresso
  • Viennese
  • Italian
  • French

Incredible Iced Coffee with just 2 ingredients plus ice.... thanks to Coffee-Mate

Although I've posted about Coffee-Mate previously, I wanted to mention it again as I happen to be sitting here sipping a minty iced coffee so it gives me fodder to post.  Coffee-Mate had sent me 2 free samples of their new Girl Scout cookie flavored coffee creamers a couple weeks ago to try and review.  It was perfect timing as I was entertaining guests that weekend and it made a great addition to our morning coffee bar.  Luckily for me they didn't finish it all off so I've been hoarding it a bit in order to have it to flavor my iced coffees. 

Nestlé probably intended for everyone to flavor their hot morning coffee with their yummy Thin Mint and Caramel and Coconut flavors, however, being a 'hot, strong, black' kind of morning coffee girl, I found it to be a new favorite for my iced coffee as it's so darn easy!
Here's the deal;

Nestlé has teamed up with the Girl Scouts of the USA to launch the new limited edition Coffee-mate® Girl Scout flavors.  Available in the ever popular Thin Mints® and Caramel & Coconut, the delicious taste of the most sought-after cookies in the country can now be enjoyed in your morning mug.  
Who said you couldn’t have cookies for breakfast?
The new Coffee-mate Thin Mints and Caramel & Coconut flavors are less than $3 a bottle and can be found in the dairy aisle of your local grocer nation-wide this summer.

I own a Mr. Coffee Frappe Maker so iced coffee is especially quick and easy for me, however you can make it in the blender just as well!

Coffee-Mate Quick and Easy Iced Coffee
Makes 2 iced coffees

1/2 c strong brewed coffee or espresso
2 c crushed ice
1/2 c Coffee-Mate Flavored Coffee Creamers
Whipped Cream - optional

If you have a Frappe maker, make according to directions by adding the ice and creamer to the container and continue the brew cycle as usual.  Top with whipped cream if you wish!  If you do not have a Mr. Coffee Frappe maker, add the ice and creamer with the espresso in a blender and blend on high until smooth.  


UPDATED:  You might also be interested in similar items available through Amazon as the Mr. Coffee Frappe Maker is getting very difficult to find.  I don't believe they make it anymore.  (2017)

Mr. Coffee Iced Cafe - Iced Coffee Maker

Ninja Coffee Bar Single-Serve System with Built-In Frother


The History Of Coffee - 5 books to get you started

To be honest, blogger and Amazon are still not working together well and putting random strings of characters in the coding of links, making them inoperable. I literally have to go in and find and remove the string of characters - which is a pain and really, makes it time consuming and difficult to link to the coffee products on Amazon that I want to review.

BUT... I can't let Coffee Talking sit here un-updated right? So This morning as I sit here listening to Pink Floyd and pondering what to write I suddenly thought; What about the history of coffee? And a subsequent search of Amazon found almost 5,000 search returns. Wow. Ok then. Well, how about if we just choose like, five of them?

Coffee Talk: The Stimulating Story of the World's Most Popular Brew
A Secret History of Coffee, Coca & Cola
Uncommon Grounds: The History of Coffee and How It Transformed Our World
The Devil's Cup: A History of the World According to Coffee
Coffee: A Dark History

What is it about coffee that makes it so popular across so many different cultures? Can it be the caffeine or is there something else about coffee that makes it so alluring?

No beverage has broader worldwide appeal. In North America and Europe, the annual amount of coffee consumed is overwhelming. And in China and even in India, the traditional stronghold of tea drinking, the coffee business has grown by leaps and bounds.

In the book Coffee Talk: The Stimulating Story of the World's Most Popular Brew, Satin traces the rich and intriguing history of coffee, showing how coffee consumption evolved to fit the social and economic needs of different times. His fascinating narrative dispels common myths and conveys such little-known facts as: the dark coffee bean originated in Africa, not South America, as many believe.

Today, of course, it is the indispensable wake-up beverage in most households throughout the West and the East. It is also the mainstay of the Starbucks phenomenon--a chain of coffeehouses whose popularity continues to soar. Satin even goes on to reveal the best techniques for home brewing. And he enlivens his narrative with stories of the fine art of the barista, which includes the World Barista Championship where rival barmen from around the globe display the highest artistry of coffee brewing.

You might be interested in;