Coffee Coasters... personalized photo insert style and coffee themed

When I have a post up for a couple days without an update, I start to feel a little guilty! However, I've not bought any recent coffee products nor any new coffee roasts to review so really, it's been a non-coffee-post kind of household this week! This afternoon I brewed a cup of coffee, walked into the office and sat down in front of the computer.

"What shall I write about?" I asked myself.

As I sat staring off, lost in my thoughts, I realized I was staring at my coffee coaster.

My coffee-themed coffee coaster.

So of course, off I went to Amazon to see what was 'out there'.

While I intended to feature only coasters with a coffee theme, I saw these photo insert style coasters and had to mention them as well! This is the style of coaster I bought my parents about 10 years ago. It was a random Christmas or Birthday gift at the time and I figured they would enjoy putting pictures of their grandkids in them.

  • Set of 4
  • 4"

When it comes to coffee themed coasters, I grabbed 3 at random as I didn't see my exact style available any longer. (I've had them a number of years now). There is a variety of style and themes that all revolve around coffee but some are square, some circular, some are absorbent, some are high gloss or ceramic. Everyone has different tastes. I personally have both absorbent and ceramic high gloss. I like both. I found the absorbent coasters to be great for ice water, beer and other drinks that tend to have a lot of condensation, while the ceramic is fine for my morning coffee.

  • Set of 4 absorbent coasters with attractive design marries artistic form with high function
  • Coasters are natural stoneware with decorative transfer print
  • Each coaster has a durable cork backing to protect countertops and furniture
  • To remove stains, soak coaster in 1 part household bleach and 3 parts water until stain lifts, then rinse and air dry
  • Holders available; look for counterart wood coaster holds ( sold separately)

  • This set of beautiful coasters is hand painted and is truly unique
  • These coasters are crafted to continually absorb moisture with cork backing to protect furniture
  • Each set comes with 4 matching coasters and a beautiful holder to display them in
  • The holder for the coasters is painted front and back to match the artwork of the coasters
  • Each coaster is 3 1/2" Square

  • Dimensions: 4" H x 4" W x 1/4" D
  • Construction grade
  • Comes with protective felt pads (packed separately)
  • High gloss finish
  • Not absorbent