Coffee Fest! Information and Contact

This post is for information only and to help spread the word to coffee lovers and vendors. I am in no way affiliated with the Coffee Fest event myself.

Coffee Fest has been serving the specialty coffee and gourmet tea industries since 1992. Viewed by most as the best trade show in America and around the world specifically for those involved with retailing coffee, tea and related products. Coffee Fest continues to evolve and stay at the forefront of emerging trends.

If it looks like coffee, smells like coffee, goes well with coffee or is coffee you will find it at Coffee Fest. Everything under the sun that would be found in an upscale coffee shop on either side of the counter, including the counter would be found on the exhibition floor at Coffee Fest. The best coffee retail education, training and workshops are found at Coffee Fest.

David Heilbrunn, Show Manager
425 295-3300 ext. 113

Coffee Fest Seattle 2013
October 04 - 06, 2013

Coffee Fest New York 2014
March 07 - 09, 2014

Coffee Fest St. Louis 2014
May 30 - June 01, 2014