GSI Outdoors Personal Java Press Coffee Maker

I've been keeping "an eye out' for various travel, hiking or camping French Press style coffee mugs.  The reason is actually two-fold.  First, I want something I could use camping because as much as I'm a laid back, tent camping kind of girl, I also want that hot, strong, black coffee first thing in the morning.  Second, for disaster preparedness, coffee is a much appreciated comfort food.  I can live without power for a few days but life's too short to drink instant coffee.  We have a traditional "camp coffee pot" I can brew over a campfire but I have been interested in upgrading to a single mug.

The other morning I was surfing around in Amazon for another product I had to purchase when I saw the GSI Outdoor personal java press mug.  I wasn't actually looking for a mug at the moment (I was purchasing an emergency LED solar lamp at that time) but it stuck in my head.  This morning I went looking for it... took me a bit as I couldn't remember the brand name, however, I found it and wanted to feature it this morning on the Coffee Talking blog.

  • Separate mug and carafe eliminates over-brewed, muddy coffee produced by most personal French Presses.
  • Silicone ringed plunger design virtually eliminates coffee ‘blow-by’ for the most flavorful, mud-free coffee.
  • Nesting, insulated mug includes Sip-It Lid and is made of lightweight, shatter-resistant, BPA-Free Infinity clear polypropylene.
  • Insulating EVA sleeves on mug and carafe remove easily for cleaning.

Their company website lists the price as $29.95 for the 30 oz. size, however, as of this morning I saw it listed on Aamazon for $25.66.    They also offer a 50 oz. size, which many people in the comment section wrote that they had tried and liked the 30 ounce size and would be purchasing the 50 oz.  

The thing most mentioned in the reviews seemed to be how well the mug/press keeps out the dregs or coffee grounds from the finished product.  Anyone who has had to 'chew' their morning coffee can appreciate that!

You might also be interested in the camouflage version, a grinder or more traditional camp percolator coffee pot: