Incredible Iced Coffee with just 2 ingredients plus ice.... thanks to Coffee-Mate

Although I've posted about Coffee-Mate previously, I wanted to mention it again as I happen to be sitting here sipping a minty iced coffee so it gives me fodder to post.  Coffee-Mate had sent me 2 free samples of their new Girl Scout cookie flavored coffee creamers a couple weeks ago to try and review.  It was perfect timing as I was entertaining guests that weekend and it made a great addition to our morning coffee bar.  Luckily for me they didn't finish it all off so I've been hoarding it a bit in order to have it to flavor my iced coffees. 

Nestlé probably intended for everyone to flavor their hot morning coffee with their yummy Thin Mint and Caramel and Coconut flavors, however, being a 'hot, strong, black' kind of morning coffee girl, I found it to be a new favorite for my iced coffee as it's so darn easy!
Here's the deal;

Nestlé has teamed up with the Girl Scouts of the USA to launch the new limited edition Coffee-mate® Girl Scout flavors.  Available in the ever popular Thin Mints® and Caramel & Coconut, the delicious taste of the most sought-after cookies in the country can now be enjoyed in your morning mug.  
Who said you couldn’t have cookies for breakfast?
The new Coffee-mate Thin Mints and Caramel & Coconut flavors are less than $3 a bottle and can be found in the dairy aisle of your local grocer nation-wide this summer.

I own a Mr. Coffee Frappe Maker so iced coffee is especially quick and easy for me, however you can make it in the blender just as well!

Coffee-Mate Quick and Easy Iced Coffee
Makes 2 iced coffees

1/2 c strong brewed coffee or espresso
2 c crushed ice
1/2 c Coffee-Mate Flavored Coffee Creamers
Whipped Cream - optional

If you have a Frappe maker, make according to directions by adding the ice and creamer to the container and continue the brew cycle as usual.  Top with whipped cream if you wish!  If you do not have a Mr. Coffee Frappe maker, add the ice and creamer with the espresso in a blender and blend on high until smooth.  


UPDATED:  You might also be interested in similar items available through Amazon as the Mr. Coffee Frappe Maker is getting very difficult to find.  I don't believe they make it anymore.  (2017)

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