Coffee... with your face on it? Get your latte with an image of... you!

Originally published in 2013 - the link I had was now dead, 7 years later.  

Never mind. Carry on.

edible ink, computer, smart phone and...  drink your own image in your latte

A cafĂ© in Taiwan may have solved everyone’s least favorite part about getting coffee. Not the fact that people spill coffee everywhere at the cream station. No, it’s the part where the barista misspells your name on the side of your cup! To fix this dire issue, Let's Cafe kiosks in Taiwan now offer a cup of coffee with your picture on it.

That's right, actual pictures. Right now, these unusual coffees are just offered in Taipei, but maybe these latte portraits will be headed stateside soon enough. So...would you like to drink your face?