The internet's 'grumpiest cat' is now coming out with it's own coffee... Grumpy Cat Coffee

Almost everyone knows who Grumpy Cat is thanks to a video that went viral in 2012 in order to prove to Reddit users this was indeed a real 'grumpy cat' and the owners had not photoshopped her! Before long the video's had launched this sour-puss into kitty stardom.

Not only did the original Grumpy Cat from Arizona soon have a fan page and t-shirts but now, is bringing grumpiness to your iced coffee!

Grumpy Cat on Twitter

According to the official Twitter feed and news sources, this icy drink launching under the Grumpy Cat brand will be coming to us soon!

Grumpy Cat expands empire with iced coffee called Grumppuccino

Available in Mocha, Vanilla and Coffee flavors, if you follow them on Twitter, they promise to have a 10% off promo coupon available as soon as the drinks officially hit the market.

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