The post in which I admit.... we are currently drinking.... Folger's.

This week we (Mr. Coffee and I) are currently drinking....  Folger's.  I know!  Right?  Here's the deal.  Folger's is a joke in our family because it's the coffee my parents drink - and brewed to about the color of tea in their traditional coffee maker.  It's what my Grandmother bought, it's what my parents bought.  It's what the ladies at church buy for coffee and donut Sundays.  It's what the office buys for the disgusting 'office coffee' that is served to guests.  Although I do not consider myself a coffee snob - ground Folger's from the big can is just... awful.  

So WHAT am I doing drinking Folger's and why in the world would I admit it?

  • This past week Mr. Coffee and I have been busy doing a kazillion household projects. 
  • And those projects and supplies cost money. 
  • And that money is the same money I had to split to do the grocery shopping last week

While walking through our local Sam's Club I stopped to pick up coffee and stared at the Starbucks Pike Place k-cups I wanted.  Granted, I hate Pike Place coffee from their coffee shops - no matter the shop, no matter the store, no matter the state I'm in or the time of day, it tastes burnt.  But the k-cup version brewed at home in my Keurig?  Love it.  But I don't love the price.

The Starbucks brand is only 54 cups for $45.
Folger's was 80 cups for $37.  

Not bad.  I brew my k-cups at the  6 or 8 oz. size and I've found the Folger's k-cups in Colombian style (only) to be acceptable for a home brewed coffee.  Piping hot (at 192 degrees), strong and black, it's a good tasting smooth, bold cup.  

When it starts to cool down the flavor will change - but all coffee's do that.  Piping hot, it does not taste like your Grandma's coffee.  Brewed at the 8 oz. size I found it to be rich and full bodied, just as a Colombian brew should be. 

And now... back to my coffee.

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