Hot Ginger Ale. So... like Apple Cider with Fizz?

Who am I to judge what others want to drink, right?  But admittedly, when I saw an article announcing "Coca-Cola Japan introduces hot ginger ale"  -I had a gag reflex.

Japan likes to launch some uh, interesting items (Pepsi flavored Cheetos anyone?) but now, let's heat things up; Coca-Cola Japan will launch first-ever hot can of Canada Dry Ginger Ale in vending machines Oct. 21.

While my initial gag reflux was due in part because the only time I really drank Ginger Ale as a child was when I was sick and my parents would offer to it to help quell my upset stomach - after reading more of the details of this drink I'm thinking, "Well, on second thought, maybe it's not so bad."

Why the change of heart?

"The piping-hot product manages to maintain the carbonation
 during the heating process to produce a spicy 
cinnamon-and-apple-flavored beverage."

The cinnamon and apple flavors it reportedly use reminds me of nice hot apple cider.  But with fizz.  Yes, apparently they've been able to maintain the carbonation through the heating process - and that my friend, has my interest piqued.

Unfortunately, unless I want to travel to Japan in October or perhaps try to find some on ebay, I'm out of luck.  It's not going to be offered the USA.