Quick Flyby Post: I bought the Bella Ice Cream Maker....

Since I haven't been shopping for any small appliances recently, I didn't know about the Bella brand anything until I posted about their coffee makers this week (post below).  Ironically, right after I posted that, I took a trip to Sam's Club for groceries and there it was;  the Bella Coffee Maker I posted about, as well as their toasters and ice cream makers.

I was able to see, pick up, and inspect their products and although not top of the line or sturdy like a stainless steel or heavy duty version, they are good for a starter set, college kids, a 2nd home, vacation home, or when you want fun, bright colored appliances.

I did buy the ice cream maker... I couldn't resist. I've been wanting one for about 2 months and was going to check Best Buy for them later this week.  Instead I found it on clearance at Sam's Club.  It's a lighter orange than it shows on the box and the outside of the appliance is a thin plastic, but the inner tub that you freeze and make the ice cream in is very thick and sturdy and serves it's purpose well!