Caffeine Brownies? Yep! You can eat your morning coffee now. UPDATE: 2019

You know what happens when life gets busy? Sometimes you forget some awesome little coffee or caffeine related products that meant to blog about... but you tucked away in the draft file!!!

This is one of 6 really fun, new products I found a few months ago and wanted to blog about but then... um, life got in the way! I've linked their company name to their order site and linked their FB page too. I don't know anything about the taste of the product as I haven't tried it and I just found out about it by surfing the net, but hello? It's a brownie. How can you go wrong with a caffeine brownie!? They apparently sell brownies, cookies, muffins and more.

Get Up And Go Fudgy Brownie
$3.33 per brownie

Get Up And Go, founded in 2012 by University of Michigan grads Chris Bogdan and Zach Rose, makes caffeinated baked goods such as brownies, cookies, and muffins. The moist, fudgy brownies have natural caffeine extract. The Ann Arbor company is working on getting the goods distributed nationwide. “We’re trying to inspire people to get up and go do what they love,” Bogdan says.  You can visit their Facebook page here.

So it's now the summer of 2019 and I randomly clicked on this old post of mine, and again, just randomly clicked on a link... only find it's gone and I'm pretty sure the company is 'gone' as their site and Facebook page vanished.  No worries... I jumped over to Amazon quickly and found a couple energy bars that come with a caffeine boost and I'll link those here just in case you are super disappointed (like I was) to see this company must not be around anymore.

CLIF BAR - Energy Bar - Chocolate Chip - (2.4 Ounce Protein Bar, 12 Count)

CLIF BAR - Energy Bar - Cool Mint Chocolate - 49mg Caffeine (2.4 Ounce Protein Bar, 12 Count)

Paleo Protein Bar (Espresso) 12 Bars (20g Egg White Protein 2 Net Carbs w/100mg Organic Caffeine)

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Blueberry Cobbler Coffee... Blueberry Cream Coffee.... Mmmm

As the weather gets colder, my taste in coffee changes.  While it has to be strong, piping hot and black most of the time, when it's cold, my body starts to crave flavored coffee sometimes.  This week it's blueberry.

Blueberries and Cream, Blueberry Cobbler, Wild Mountain Blueberry, Blueberry Muffns...

I went online to see some of the blueberry versions readily available as my local stores do have a decent selection of coffee but no one is carrying blueberry anything right now.  This coffee got very, very good reviews and was compared to a blueberry muffin: New England Blueberry Cobbler.  

That was my first choice although I also took note of two other blueberry choices with a different flavor to them - just plain blueberry and a blueberries and cream.

 This one; Blueberries and Cream is similar to many I've had in the past and found I needed to add a bit of sweetener or creamer to it to really bring out the flavor.

And a basic blueberry I have also had in the past is the Green Mountain version - which I didn't love, and I also had to add sweetener or creamer to really bring out the blueberry flavor - but it's availabe as a k-cup, which makes it perfect for a quick, early morning cup.

Green Mountain Wild Mountain Blueberry, K-Cup Portion Pack for Keurig K-Cup Brewers

Bacon Flavored Microwave Popcorn!

Let's continue this awesome 'bacon' theme this week, shall we?

It seems most 'bacon' flavored foods are really just the salty, smokey flavored foods...  hinting bacon.  The reviews of this product seem to be "smokey, salty" popcorn or  "popcorn with bacon flavored salt on it".  Either way, it sounds like something I'd like to try.

Now, this particular link (above) says it's Vegetarian safe - obviously, since there is no real bacon in the popcorn salt.  So... there ya go!


Bacon Lollypop Suckers - sweet and salty combined

Using bacon in desserts is something that has really gained in popularity over the past three or four years.  There is a hugely popular 'bacon fest' type dinner held in the midwest where every dish served, for every course, has bacon in it.  The desserts are amazing and often a candied or sweetened bacon is part of it, as the sweet and salty pair so well.  That is what this candy is reminiscent of. 

Bacon and Maple Syrup Lollypop
  • Made with Real Bacon!
  • All Natural, no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • A fun little treat whenever you want a burst of flavor - only 30 Cal ea.
  • Corn Syrup free, gluten free

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Bacon Flavored Hot Sauce

If you could take a peek into our kitchen pantry you would spy a selection of about 15 off-beat hot sauces. My husband has a tongue of steel and enjoys finding creative sauces when we travel - and family tends to gravitate towards goofy hot sauces for gifts to him. One sauce we do not have is this one I found on Amazon. Bacon Hot Sauce.

Reviews say it's necessarily 'bacon' - it's the 'smokey' flavor that bacon has. So... a smokey hot sauce! Still sounds really, really (really!) good to me.

Ingredients - Water, Distilled Vinegar, Cayenne Pepper, New Mexico Chili, Salt, Natural Flavor, Maltodextrin, Autolyzed Yeast Extract, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate.

Bacon and... Chocolate? A Bacon Chocolate Candy Bar!

Even though I'm a coffee fanatic, I don't purely exist on coffee.
There's bacon too.
One year we invested in purchasing a half-hog from a family member.  The only thing we actually ate and enjoyed was bacon so we decided a half hog purchase was silly when we could invest more money in....  bacon and not worry about the ham steaks, pork chops or other products we didn't even want.
It's all about the bacon.

So, this morning over my morning coffee I was browsing Amazon just to see what bacon products there were.  How about bacon and... chocolate!?  In a candy bar!

  • Applewood smoked bacon, alderwood smoked salt and rich milk chocolate
  • Contains 41% cacao
The Vosges Haut-Chocolat mission is to create a luxury chocolate experience rooted in a sensory journey of bringing about awareness to indigenous cultures through the exploration of spices, herbs, roots, flowers, fruits, nuts, chocolate and the obscure. To ensure this, Owner/Chocolatier, Katrina Markoff, personally chooses every spice, flower and chocolate that is flown into their Chicago kitchen. The newest flavor from Vosges, the inimitable Mo's Chocolate and Bacon Candy Bar, combines smoky bacon and sweet milk chocolate.

Here's the deal though;  amazon is expensive!  $12 for it.  Apparently you can find these at Whole Foods or a few other stores for about $7.  But, if you can't find them locally, or you just prefer to order online, you can get a chocolate and a bacon fix all-in-one.

If you enjoy visiting Just the Coffee Talking, please consider using this affiliate link if you are planning to shop for anything (seriously, anything!) at Amazon. - Amazon by Coffee Talking


Heads up shoppers: Daily Chef Coffee at Sam's may be a different variety......

UPDATED on 10/16: Daily Chef tried to correct me on Twitter that it was the exact same roast, they just updated the picture on the box and put more k-cups in it. So I'm updating the post with another (better quality)  photo to show it is indeed a different roast; it went from 'dark' roasted to a 'medium' roast.

54 count box used a dark roast. The 80 count box is a medium roast.

Love the look of the 'old' box much, much better than the 1970's feel of the new (bottom) packaging

This weekend I stopped at Sam's Club to pick up our favorite stand-by coffee; the Daily Chef brand Colombian blend k-cups. 

The first thing I noticed was the package was different.  Cheaper and cheeseier looking than normal.  That caught my attention.  Was it the right one?    I looked again.  Colombian blend....  but 80 count.  Same size box but realizing it was an 80 count, I looked for the regular 54 count box.

Nope.  None to be found.

I then stopped to really look at the packaging. They stopped making the 54 count and decided to offer 80 count. 

I checked the price.  $33 for 80 was still on target with their previous per-cup-price.

Yes, it still was the Colombian blend.

But... it said "medium roast" ... I racked my brain;  surely I remember it always being a "dark" roast.  I glanced at the shelves again to make sure I wasn't missing something.

Nope, this was the only red box, Daily Chef, Colombian Roast in the store.

So I bought it.

Getting home, I saw the box is indeed different, and yes... the roasts are different.  Our regular 54 count box is labeled dark roast while the newer in-stock coffee was medium roast.


Green Mountain Coffee's "Three Continent Blend", Coupon Codes, Kelly Clarkson and Fair Trade all in One!

This post sponsored in part by Green Mountain Coffee as I was given a product to review through my participation as a BzzAgent.  All opinions are mine and are not influenced by sponsorship.

If you work hard to produce a product you sell to someone, you hope you get a fair price for it.  A price to ensure the time, money, work involved is compensated to you.  That's fair, right?  And that is where we get 'fair' trade.

Coffee like Green Mountain Coffee, that gives coffee bean farmers in communities like Agua Azul in Peru, a fair price for their coffee so they can build their community and provide for their families, while the people purchasing the final product get a great cup of coffee and the chance to have helped make a small difference in the world.  For more information about the benefits of buying Fair Trade Certified coffee you can check out the site; ChooseFairTrade.com.

I was given the chance to try Green Mountain Coffee's new "Three Continent Blend" in k-cup style as well as learning more about Fair Trade Certification through a trip to Peru Green Mountain sponsored with singer-songwriter, Kelly Clarkson.

The coffee package arrived just in time for my afternoon coffee and browsing the news online.  Brewing, the aroma was good - not as strong as I hoped, as I find the scent of freshly brewed coffee to be part of the process of total enjoyment of the blend.  The flavor was fairly light - not heavy or dark.  It reminded me of a coffee I would enjoy with a dessert or perhaps the first early morning coffee.  There was a hint of an aftertaste that I can't describe.  It's not bitter, but it's... something.  I tasted the same in a couple other Green Mountain Coffee's but I can't put a name to the sensation.  In general I found it perfectly acceptable - although I do tend to prefer a darker, more bold flavor and roast.

Green Mountain Coffee and Ms. Clarkson filmed their educational trip to Peru to show first hand, the benefits of Fair Trade.  You can see the experience and learn at the same time thanks to the videos and journals at ChooseFairTrade.com - but the site has so much more!  Not only educational and interesting but you can listen to her original Fair Trade song and even order coffee straight from the site.  

If you decide you want to order the brand new Three Continent Blend coffee or any of their other coffee blends, be sure to use one of these coupon codes to save $2 on a 24 pack of K-cups for your Keurig brewer, Vue packs and/or bagged coffee**.
Now, each of these codes can only be used once and supplies are limited, so if one doesn't work for you, try another.  It's possible someone already snatched that one before you (remember, the early bird gets the worm!  Or in this case, the coupon for coffee code).  Too late for the coupons?  I've got another treat for Fair Trade fans and Kelly Clarkson fans alike:  Visit the Green Mountain Coffee® Facebook page to enter for a chance to win two tickets to see Kelly perform a special Fair Trade Month concert in New York City.

What if I don't have a Keurig Brewer yet... but want one?  Here is perhaps the biggest savings of this post.  I have coupon codes from Keurig for 50% off select Keurig and Vue Brewers!  They are only good this month (October) and are good for orders through the Keurig.com site.  I can mail you the actual paper coupon or I can send you the coupon code for you to use on their site.  I have no information, guarantees or promises about Keurig, their products or their site - but I am the woman with 20 coupon codes to give out for half price Keurig brewers!  Email me or ask me on Twitter for your code.

**Offer valid for $2 off all boxes of Green Mountain Coffee® Fair Trade K-Cup® packs, Vue® packs, and bagged coffee. Free standard shipping on orders of $45 or more within the contiguous U.S. Offer excludes 80-count value sizes. Enter provided keycode at checkout. Offer valid through 12/8/13 11:59 PM PST, while supplies last. Keycode is not valid with automatic delivery, Cafe Express® auto-ship orders, or previous purchases, cannot be combined with other offers, and is not redeemable for cash.


"People that love sports can't understand the concept of someone who honestly, truly, doesn't like, care about, nor understand sports."

This morning I was outside, high up on a wobbly ladder I had no business being on, armed with paper towels and Windex.  While cleaning windows I found myself repeating the Karate Kid mantra; wax on, wax off, over and over.  And over and over.  When I realized I was doing this, it was time to think of something else... and fast.

The way my brain works I made the .007 second switch to Karate-sports-soccer-kids playing soccer-parent coached soccer- going to the meeting for one of my kids soccer teams where they were asking for parent coaches- and finally, when the 30-something athletic, jock in school and went to college on a sports scholarship Dad started to belittle the parents and get more than a little snarky because none of the Moms (and a couple Dads) who were sitting in the shelter house at the park, trying to balance babies on our hips with a toddler running around our feet eating rocks... would raise their hands and commit to coach.

All that in .007 seconds.  I kid you not.  Ok.  So that is what I decided to ramble on a little bit over morning coffee about.

The thought that ran through my head was;  "People that love sports can't understand the concept of someone who honestly, truly, doesn't like, care about, nor understand sports."

To my credit, I did excel in a sport once.  In elementary school from 1st grade through 6th grade, I was one of the fastest kids in my class;  boys or girls.  By 7th grade I was the 2nd fastest girl in the class, and 4th fastest overall.  But that's it.  That's the end of my athletic ability.  I hated running.  I think I was fast because I wanted to hurry and get it over with so I could sit down on the sidelines with a book.  As much as I hated (despised, loathed) physical education class and recess, I loved reading.

"I hated running.  I think I was fast because 
I wanted to hurry and get it over with so I could 
sit down on the sidelines with a book."

I hated school for one reason and one reason only;  Physical Education.  It was the bane of my high school years.  I was great at 'forgetting' my PE clothes and coming up with every excuse possible to miss.  I would attend only enough to keep from flunking Phys Ed.  I did this by participating in the weeks we did something more in my comfort zone;  Archery, Range Shooting (yes, with guns - the Army would come that week and set up a shooting range), bowling, swimming and weight lifting.   I was excellent at all of those actually, and would get A+ in those classes so my average grade would then keep me from flunking PE each quarter. I usually ended up with a C.

Fast forward about 17 years to the aforementioned 'meeting' held in a shelter house at the park after our kid's 6th grade soccer practice.  Where Mr. Athletic was calling on parents to be the coach of the team.  I offered help in ways I did have talent;  scheduling, administration, forms, a website for the team and parents, calling parents, after practice snacks...   and he insisted I should coach the team.

I don't know the first thing about soccer.  Yes I've watched my kids play.  I know the ultimate goal is to get the little ball in net at the end of the field.  That's it.  That's the extent of my knowledge, even with 3 kids playing.  I love watching my kids play.  Love seeing them participate and learn new skills and love the game.  I see the coaches telling them when they have to stand outside line to throw a ball in.  Sometimes they had to kick it in.  Sometimes they would meet in the center of the field and kick it.  Coaches would blow whistles when they saw someone breaking a rule.  I had no idea what that rule might be... and I didn't care.

I did not care.
If you try to explain the rules of soccer (or basketball or hockey or even NFL football, much to my husbands dismay) my eyes will start to glaze over.  I'll nod and I'll try to follow you... I really will.  But because I don't even care about the game or sports in general even one little iota, I simply cannot focus my brain on learning it.

Mr. Athletic Dad was not happy.  But to his credit...he couldn't understand.  He did finally get 2 parents to coach (a woman offered up her husband to be the coach and after, another woman offered to co-coach as she had played a little soccer years ago.)

What that Dad couldn't comprehend was I can't coach a team of kids when I have no clue as to how the game is actually played and have no interest in it in the slightest.

Now, if he had asked for someone to teach the kids Medieval English Literature? I'm your girl!  History?  Sign me up!  Need someone to 'coach' them in cooking, baking or sewing?  Alright!  Now let's talk!

But what if I had turned the table on Mr. Athletic Dad?  What if it were me standing up there asking him to teach our 6th grade kids Medieval English Romance?

He would shake his head, chuckle and say "No... "  with a laugh.  "You don't want me teaching that.  I don't know ANYTHING about English literature!  Much less Mid... uh, whatever you said.  Medieval.  Yeah.  I don't know anything about Medieval English Romance!"

"Come on!  It's EASY.  It was the most important form of secular English literature in the Middle Ages!  How can you not know that!?  From 1225 through 1500 it was their own 'contemporary' modern fiction.  Come on.   I will give you a sheet of paper with some of the basic information and a list of authors to cover.   I'm sure the other people teaching and coaching the other teams of kids won't mind if you get a few facts wrong.  You'll learn!"

I find learning and reading to be interesting, exciting, fascinating!  He finds the same with sports.

While he may not have any interest in English Literature or History... I had no interest in sports.  That zero interest makes it very, very difficult for me to learn the rules of a game because again... I. Do. Not. Care.

In the end, I didn't have to coach, obviously.  And my husband (even working around 60 hour work weeks) found time to team-coach our son's football team for 2 years and soccer for 1 year.  But me?

If you need administrative help, sign me up.  
Forms, websites, snacks and first aid? I'm your girl. 
Posters?  Artistic talent? Marketing?  Yes!  I'll do it all!

But handing me a whistle and putting me in the center of a field of kids where the average athletic 4 year old has more working knowledge of the game than I do?  You don't want to do that. 



Morning Bliss... Naturally! My review of Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss - and 2 bonus cold drink ideas!

This post is for the new Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss Cinnamon Cream, which I was given to review.  All opinions are my own.  


October is here!  Leaves are starting to turn shades of gold, red and orange, the mornings are chilly and the scent of bonfires fill the evening air.  A cup of hot coffee in the morning or evening while out on the deck just feels 'right' and the spicy flavors of vanilla and cinnamon fit the season.

This week I've been enjoying the new Coffee-mate Natural Bliss Cinnamon Cream.  Introduced this month in time for the holidays, it's a blend of milk, cream, sugar and natural flavors.  Note I didn't type out any long chemical name that no one can pronounce.  Milk. Cream. Sugar.  Natural ingredients.

First though, I need to give kudo's to whomever designed their packaging.  I love the look of the Natural Bliss bottles.  I'm pretty critical of the packaging and labels on food products and I've been underwhelmed at the 'new' labels many of my favorite foods are coming out with. The white, clean, soft label on the bottle and the image of the milk, sugar and cinnamon is a winner.

Pouring the creamer into your coffee you will note a mixture of cinnamon and vanilla.  Take a deep breath.  It is like breathing in homemade, natural vanilla ice cream with a hint of cinnamon!  Add as much or little to your coffee as you prefer.  The flavor is... real.  No chemical taste because there are no chemicals there!

"The NATURAL BLISS line is made with 100% all-natural ingredients without any artificial preservatives.  Each bottle  contains sixteen fluid ounces of authentic ingredients, 
inside a white bottle with soft images of each of the natural flavors.  
Kosher and gluten-free, this luscious dairy creamer has a  pure taste 
with a touch of natural sweetness, silky texture and delicious aroma – 
all in one convenient bottle.   The perfectly balanced combination 
enhances the flavor of coffee, to make the most of your coffee moment."

The Bliss line includes not only the Cinnamon Cream, but Sweet Cream, Vanilla and Low-Fat Vanilla.  You'll count just 35 calories and 1.5g of fat per serving and the average price is only $2.69 for a 16 oz. bottle.  It's available starting this month, nation-wide at most local grocers.  I know a lot of people like to check out their favorite products on Facebook - and you can do that at www.facebook.com/coffeematenaturalbliss. For even more information you can visit http://naturalbliss.coffee-mate.com

Here is a little bonus!

Coffee-Mate creamers make wonderful COLD drinks too!  I used my frappe maker to make a Natural Bliss Iced Coffee. 

I used about 1/3 cup creamer, ice and coffee, brewed in my Mr. Coffee frappe maker.  Excellent! 

The next day I decided a natural vanilla 'frosty' was in order - sans the coffee.  I used 1/2 cup Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss, 1 t vanilla extract and ice, blended smooth.  The result was a slushy vanilla frosty that was simply perfection!  So much so, I'm planning on using the last of my Natural Bliss Cinnamon Cream this afternoon for an afternoon treat.

I give this Coffee-mate product not just a thumbs 'up' but two thumbs up.  Thanks Coffee-Mate!