Heads up shoppers: Daily Chef Coffee at Sam's may be a different variety......

UPDATED on 10/16: Daily Chef tried to correct me on Twitter that it was the exact same roast, they just updated the picture on the box and put more k-cups in it. So I'm updating the post with another (better quality)  photo to show it is indeed a different roast; it went from 'dark' roasted to a 'medium' roast.

54 count box used a dark roast. The 80 count box is a medium roast.

Love the look of the 'old' box much, much better than the 1970's feel of the new (bottom) packaging

Here is the original post;

This weekend I stopped at Sam's Club to pick up our favorite stand-by coffee; the Daily Chef brand Colombian blend k-cups.  They come in a box of 54 for approximately $23.  Rushing through the store to get my coffee, dog food and kitty litter I wasn't expecting to have to stop and study the packaging... but I did.

The first thing I noticed was the package was different.  Cheaper and cheeseier looking than normal.  That caught my attention.  Was it the right one?    I looked again.  Colombian blend....  but 80 count.  Same size box but realizing it was an 80 count, I looked for the regular 54 count box.

Nope.  None to be found.

I then stopped to really look at the packaging.

Perhaps they stopped making the 54 count and decided to only offer the 80 count?

I checked the price.  $33 for 80 was still on target with their previous per-cup-price.
Yes, it still was the Colombian blend.
But... it said "medium roast" ... I racked my brain;  surely I remember it always being a "dark" roast.  I glanced at the shelves again to make sure I wasn't missing something.

Nope, this was the only red box, Daily Chef, Colombian Roast in the store.

So I bought it.

Getting home, I saw the box is indeed different, and yes... the roasts are different.  Our regular 54 count box is labeled dark roast while the newer in-stock coffee was medium roast.


Flavor?  Well, I admit there is a difference in taste... but it's not bad.  Just different from what I'm used to.

I brew the k-cup at the medium, 8 oz. size so it's a nice strong brew, and it's good enough that for the price I'll keep buying it.  But, if I go back in 2 weeks and my 'regular' Colombian dark roast is again available, I will gladly go back!  For now?  It will do.

I just wanted to make sure my readers knew to check to see if their local Sam's Club is *only* stocking this new 80 count medium roast instead of the typical 54 count dark roast.