In my cup right now: Eight O'Clock Coffee's Chocolate Mint

I like my coffee extra hot, strong and black.  Usually.
Once the cold weather of the tail end of autumn, start of winter arrives, my body sometimes craves flavored coffee.  Mainly, a minty coffee.  My typical fall/winter purchase has been to pick up some Millstone Peppermint in the store on my regular grocery trips.  Although I use my Keurig and k-cups every day, when I make flavored coffee (or have guests who are heavy coffee drinkers and would go through `12 k-cups in 1 day) I get out my regular Hamilton Beach coffee maker.  (It's this one for those who may wonder; Hamilton Beach Brewstation Coffeemaker) Because I only purchase whole beans and ground coffee once in a while (compared to daily k-cups), I'm not sure when it happened, but the Millstone display at my local grocery store was greatly diminished.  They still had a grinder available, but only four or so coffee's.  No worries.  I saw Eight O Clock Chocolate Mint Ground Coffee available so in the basket it went.

My husband likes flavored coffee even less than I do and never, ever drinks it.  However, upon going through the cupboards that evening to see what I got at the store, he picked the coffee out of the cupboard, squeezed it, inhaled the chocolate mint aroma from the little seal on the bag and exclaimed; "Mmmm!  This is the only flavored coffee I like.  I love when it starts to get cold out and you buy the peppermint coffee's." 

This morning, the Eight O'clock Chocolate Mint is in my cup.  It's smooth, not bitter, and has a hint of chocolate mint cookie.  I don't like my coffee sweet so I add barely a smidgen of sweetener to it juuuuust enough to heighten the aroma and flavor but not enough to actually make my coffee sweet.  For most people however, a touch of sweetener and even a little cream would make this coffee a perfect, chocolate mint drink similar to one you would pay $4 for at a coffee house on your way to the office.

Crafted with premium 100% Arabica beans and sourced from South America. Medium roasted, this blend provides a cool burst of peppermint with indulgent notes of chocolate mint cookies.


  • Peppermint, chocolate and cool

  • Mild 



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