JOLT! Engergy Gum - Why I Haven't Seen this Stuff Before Now?

Just last week my husband asked if I remembered when the soda "Jolt" first came out. I kind of did... but as a kid and teen I didn't drink much soda so it's not something I rushed out to buy or try. My husband said he and his friends would have one every day after football practice. Good thing since before he was old enough to drive, he had to ride his 10-speed bike home from football and baseball practice, on gravel roads, about 9 miles. AFTER football practice. When he was exhausted.

He was laughing as he reminded me of the original slogan - "All the sugar and twice the caffeine" being touted for the soda... which is a huge 'no no' today when marketers are trying to downplay the sugar in their products.

So anyway... where was I? Oh yes. I thought of that conversation when I saw JOLT GUM being offered on Amazon.

Jolt Energy Gum

$1.99 per pack
Available in spearmint and icy mint, the gum is sold in convenience stores, on military bases, and online.
  • Same Jolt as Jolt Cola!
  • Each pack contains as much energy as six cups of coffee

"As a college student, I have used jolt gum for a few years as the ultimate study aid for late-night binge sessions."
"...it's my go-to source of quick caffeine when I'm working night shift."
"This gum is in my car always."

Admittedly, at first I didn't think this was a product I would consider buying, simply because I happen to like coffee. But reading the reviews (some of which I quoted above) I realized for all the cross country drives I do, the afternoon 'brick wall' I hit around 2:pm as well as staying up late to watch a movie with my husband when I'd much rather be sleeping... yes, I guess the "Chew More, Do More" gum would come in handy.