Put Some Caffeine in My Food - Bacon and Jerky with your Coffee in a Whole New Way


Wired Waffles
$2.50 per waffle

Wired Wyatt’s, based in Marysville, Wash., uses natural green coffee bean extract to energize its Wired Waffles. The company also makes caffeinated syrup with 42 mg of caffeine per tablespoon. The products are primarily sold online. Since October, when the company revamped the waffle recipe to reduce sugar, butter, and calories and add B vitamins, its sales have reached nearly $30,000.

Caffeine per waffle: 200 mg (almost three espressos)


Perky Jerky
$4.99 per bag

Touted as an “action packed snack, Perky Jerky is caffeinated with guarana extract. Founded in 2009, the company originally added 150 mg of caffeine per bag but reduced the amount after attracting attention from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. About two-thirds of Perky Jerky consumers are women, and the turkey jerky (lower in calories, fat, and sodium) outsells beef three to one. Perky Jerky is sold online (Amazon- Perky Jerky) and at retailers including Target and Home Depot.

Caffeine per bag: 55 mg to 66 mg (almost a shot)