A great Christmas Gift Idea: A Kuerig Coffee Brewer - OR a nice selection of k-cups!

Ever have something so obvious and right in front of your face that you miss it?  I believe it's 'can't see the forest for the tree's'?   I just did that with this blog post.

It never occurred to me to post about COFFEE AS CHRISTMAS GIFTS even though, guess what we are giving my father-in-law this year?  Hellloooo? 

Last year we bought my father-in-law a Keurig Home-Brewing System.  My FIL was 85 years old, liked just one or two cups a coffee a day but wouldn't make it as he didn't want to 'make a whole pot' and waste it.  Yes, he could have made a half pot of 4 cups, but we won't go there.  Suffice to say we decided to purchase a single cup brewing system for him as he had used it numerous times at our home over the past 7 years and was familiar with them.  I also bought him (at the time) boxes of k-cups in a variety of options;  coffee, hot chocolate, tea, and even apple cider. 

Because you can purchase k-cups almost anywhere;  from department stores, to grocery stores, discount stores, membership stores to electronics stores like Best Buy... even online;  it's not hard to find them.   Yet apparently, my FIL must not purchase them.  This year when I asked him for a few idea's for Christmas gifts he would like to receive, one of his first responses to me was "a box of those k-cups for my coffee maker". 

My FIL likes a mild, light coffee so I'm thinking of something like Green Mountain Coffee, Breakfast Blend.  I'm also considering a 'fun' assortment package like this;

This year my siblings and I went together to get a Keurig brewer for our parents, along with the reuseable cup for regular ground coffee and 2 large 80 count boxes of coffee.  A good set up that they will be thrilled with and will keep them in coffee for a couple months before they have to purchase.

There are coffee companies you set up automatic delivery through as well.  I used to have automatic delivery every 6 weeks but stopped as it was just as easy for me to buy my coffee as I am at various stores selling it at least once a week.  For people like my FIL however or someone on your list that is elderly, confined to home or just enjoys a gift of coffee, this is a great idea. 

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