Oh my gosh, it actually exists! Marshmallow Coffee!

As I sat in my home office sipping coffee and glancing outside the window to the heavy, gray clouds in the sky that promise to bring snow flurries tonight, my mind drifted.  Coffee.  Hot coffee.  Fires. Bonfires. Marshmallows.  "I wonder if they make a marshmallow coffee?"  So of course I immediately did a search and sure enough... found "The Coffee Fool" offers a Melty Marshmallow Coffee grind!

  • American roast
  • Medium roast
  • 100% high grade arabica coffee
"Do you love the outdoors and the smell of marshmallows 
toasting on a cozy camp fire? Then you'll absolutely love this 
gooey lip smacking brew. Close your eyes, take a whiff, and 
you'll feel the warmth of the flames and the smell of that 
sweet satisfying aroma in the night air."

The description above is straight from their own site and doesn't offer much byway of a good description of flavor.  Amazon did not have any reviews as of my post either so at this point the flavor of a marshmallow is only available in my creative mind.  I am tempted to order it from Amazon but to be honest I'm on a tight (oh so horribly tight) budget and I have a wishlist about 30 items long that would probably come before splurging on a new flavor of coffee.

So I'm going to ask you, my readers.  Have you tried it?  Does the marshmallow flavor stand out?  Is it mostly an aroma that is lost in sipping?  What do you think?

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