Why I decided to pay more and go back to Starbucks Pike Place K-cups instead of Sam's Club this time

Although I touted the Sam's Club Colombian K-cups previously, I also posted when they changed the roast listed on the box from dark to medium as well as changing the whole marketing scheme and product photos.  I know that is a minor thing... (the product photos on the boxes and the cups) but oh my goodness they are ugly now!  They had a really nice looking product campaign and replaced it with something that looks like it came circa 1973 (if they would have had k-cups in 1973).

Ok, but mostly, it's the taste.  They told me via Twitter that they didn't change anything about the coffee - just the pictures on the box and packaging.  So, I sent them photos of the 2 boxes side-by-side, where they clearly state they went from a dark roast to a medium roast on their Colombian brew.  They said they didn't change the product... they just 'labeled it differently'.  Ok?  

The taste did seem to change.  Maybe that's just me though, because I do seem to go through spurts where coffee just doesn't taste the same any longer so I switch it up and buy something else for awhile.  But... my husband didn't even know about the 'changes' in the product and mentioned to me the coffee tasted different and stopped drinking it in the mornings without mentioning to me.  I noticed and asked him about it. He chooses one of the other brands I have on hand or waits until he gets to the office to drink it there (they have a Keurig at work as well).

"Starbucks Pike Place Roast invigorates your 
tastebuds with a smooth finish and subtle flavors 
of cocoa and toasted nuts. Made with high quality Arabica 
beans that enhance a nutty finish and soft acidity."

For the record - I rarely, if ever, go to Starbucks.  Whether it's morning, noon or evening, I find their coffee to taste burnt.  If I get a coffee 'drink' like Caramel Macchiato, I don't notice it, but I like my coffee hot, black and strong so I order it plain - and yes, it's bitter and burnt.  But... I LOVE THEIR HOME PRODUCTS.

The Starbucks beans and k-cups to brew at home are delicious and one of my favorites.  So why don't I buy them ALL the time?  Simple.  The cost. 

At Sam's Club I can buy their brand for $35 and get 80 k-cups while the similar price Starbucks only nets me 54.

Oh the quandary.  In the end... I have both on hand.  I bought Starbucks on my last shopping trip but when I start to feel a little guilty about having 2 or 3 cups in the morning, I will supplement with the cheaper brand.  Or, if I have coffee drinking guests that are basic, everyday coffee drinkers and don't care whether it's Folgers or Gevalia, Maxwell House or Starbucks... then it's what I serve. 

Today's post is really just a 'blog entry' kind of post.  A rambling, just my two-cents kind of thing.  But remember...  in the end, it's just the coffee talking anyway.

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