Why this style of Hamilton Beach BrewStation Coffee Brewer Sucked... but it was and is still my favorite 12 cup brewer!

I know, right?  Crazy.

These pictures were tucked away in my laptop files... I saw them this morning and thought, "What the heck, I'll post about it."

I took these pictures right before I tossed this coffee brewer in the trash.  But there is a reason for the post and a story behind the ugly brewer that I love so much.  

This is the Hamilton Beach BrewStation they sold about 8 years ago.

I loved;
  • The lift out gold tone filter
  • No glass carafe
  • No bottom heating element to burn the coffee
  • No bottom heating element means better tasting coffee
  • Programmable
  • Automatic off you set for 2,3, or 4 hours
  • Push button dispenser
  • Travel mugs easy to fill and go

So what's with the ugly silicone?

That is exactly where the internal heating element is. 

And the coffee is in the container above that element.  The heat from the heating element, over time, dried out the seal on the pot and the coffee would leak out!

Most people may just toss it away at that point, but it was a perfectly great coffee brewer except for the leaking all over the counter thing.

So one day I took out some clear silicone and made a new seal around the outside.  I let it dry, tested it the next day and it worked great!

This bought me another year or two of fairly heavy use before it started to leak again.  So, once again I re-sealed it!

And it continued to be an awesome coffee pot.  I used it as my "back up" to my Keurig for when it was a heavy coffee-drinking morning better suited for a whole pot or when we had guests and would have gone through a full 18 count box of k-cups in a single morning!  Ha ha. 

I finally decided that after so many years, a relocation across the country, the numerous times it had been resealed and the general beat up appearance of the poor thing... I had to let it go.  I had to admit he had served his purpose well but I needed to let him die a happy death.

But... I saved the removable gold toned permanent coffee filter.  *wink*

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