What I'm Drinking This Morning: Eight o'clock Coffee - Dark Italian

This morning, in my cup is a surprisingly delicious coffee for the frugal price (compared to other brands of the same blend).  It's by the very affordable and readily available 'Eight O'Clock Coffee' people and is their 'Dark Italian' roast.  So good!   It's bold and dark and wonderful without a hint of bitterness or any bad aftertaste or really, anything negative at all.  I'm completely smitten by this roast right now and bought 2 more boxes of k-cups at the store this weekend after giving a try last week.

From their own website, here is how they would describe their product;


From Latin America to East Africa, our blend is crafted from strictly high grown premium 100% Arabica beans. Our darkest roast delivers strong aroma and subtle flavors of chocolate and caramel with a bold, full-bodied finish.


Bold, chocolaty and full bodied

My comments to their description?  I don't taste even a smidgen of 'chocolate' - and I hate chocolate, so if it were there, I'd taste it!  I would say full bodied and bold are good descriptions but nothing chocolate, fruity, floral, oaky, vanilla or any other obnoxious undertones to ruin a perfectly good cup of coffee.  I have 3 kinds of k-cups on hand at the moment and overwhelmingly for the last 3 days I've chosen this blend over the rest. 

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