My Lipton Lemon Diet Iced Tea Slushy

I wanted to take a break and check emails this afternoon while enjoying something to drink; but I wasn't in the mood for hot coffee (it's a beautiful, sunny, warm spring day) but I didn't know if I wanted an iced coffee frappe either.

I thought about iced tea but I'm not a huge fan of regular iced tea unless it's really really hot day.  Then I knew what I wanted.

An iced tea slushy.

Using what is probably my favorite appliance in my kitchen right now next to my Keurig brewer, all it took was my Mr. Coffee Frappe Maker and a jar of Lipton Lemon Iced Tea.  Now, I bought the sugar free kind because I don't like things overly sweet and generally don't care for sugar.  You could use regular tea though.

With just these two ingredients and a little ice and water, I made the drink you see in the photo, sitting on the window ledge here in my office.

If you don't have a Mr.  Coffee Frappe maker, you can certainly make this with your own brand of ice shaver or crusher - or use a really good quality, sharp blender that will blend ice to make frozen drinks.

All I did was use about 1 1/2 cups water with 1 1/2 cups ice and 2 T iced tea drink mix.
Blended in my frappe maker about 8 pulses and poured into a tall glass and inserted a straw.

  and = delicious.

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Product Review: Special K Coffee House Breakfast Shakes

Products were given to me to review thru my membership as a BzzAgent but all opinions are mine.

It's a typical weekday morning.  Spouses and kids underfoot, everyone racing to get ready for work and school.  Let the dogs out, feed the cat, get the kids breakfast on the table while you find your child's lost shoe, sign a last second permission slip for a field trip to school... rushing out the door and....

No time for breakfast?

What if you could grab a bottle out of the refrigerator that was delicious, had 10 grams of protein,  5 grams of fiber, one third of daily recommended vitamins for women, a shot of caffeine to help you get going and was under 200 calories?

I was given a chance to try Special K's Coffee House Breakfast Shakes and received the Chocolate Mocha and Vanilla Cappuccino versions.  The first one I tried was the Vanilla Cappuccino and it was very, very good.  Rich, cold and smooth, it had good flavor and reminded me of an icy cold version of a hot vanilla cappuccino.  I didn't get to enjoy it long though; my high school daughter was rushing out the door to school and commandeered my drink!   Not only did she love it, but her 3 friends asked her what she was drinking and she ended up doing some 'social marketing' without even realizing it.

The second kind was a Chocolate Mocha.  Now, I was a little less enthused to try this one only because I'm not a big fan of chocolate.  I made sure it was icy cold, straight from the refrigerator and gave it my best shot.  The average person I think, would love it.  You could definitely taste the chocolate and I realize most of the human population loves chocolate so I'm giving a thumbs up on that one.

It just so happens my husband was leaving for work and he never, ever takes time for breakfast.  He loves chocolate and coffee though so it was a win/win situation to give it to him to try and give me feedback.  He loved it and was especially happy to find out there was 10 grams of protein in that little bottle.

He did however let me know that he wouldn't want to drink them outside the house as he felt the bottle was too 'girly'.  LOL.

In short order, both product versions were given a thumbs up by me and my family.

Special K Coffee House Breakfast Shakes offer 10g of protein, 5g of fiber and some key vitamins & minerals as well as a boost of caffeine equivalent to a small 5.5 oz. cup of coffee - all in just 200 calories.

Our family already purchases a variety of Special K products from their cereals to pastries so including a quick 'take and go' breakfast drink to have on hand isn't too much of a stretch!

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Coffee Break! Reviewing Nutter Butter Peanut Butter Wafer Patties

I don't typically eat anything with my 'coffee breaks' as I'm not a big fan of sweets in general and I really enjoy my coffee strong, hot and black.  But earlier today my teenage daughter requested I buy "Nutter Butter" cookies when I was at the grocery store.  I saw they had a 'patty' version so I picked those up instead of the traditional cookie.

And that is how this post was born!

Today's coffee break is Starbucks Pike Place Roast coffee with Nutter Butter Wafer Patties made in Canada by Kraft Foods. 

    To cut to the chase... yes.  I like them.  But I'm not sure everyone will so let me tell you why I do like them and what I don't like about them.

First and foremost I guess is that I don't like cookies all that much.
And I don't like 'sweet' things that well either.
A couple of the random cookies from my childhood that I do like include vanilla wafers... which is probably why I like this cookie for the exact reason  many hate it.

When I saw "creme patties"  I pictured a peanut butter filling between the traditional Nutter Butter cookie.  When I opened the package I was surprised to see it was l-o-n-g un-cut wafer cookie.  They weren't very durable so they already had punch holes in the top of some of them just from being bagged at the store and riding home with me.  You also have to break them apart yourself and they do not 'clean break'.  My first thought was;  "Wow, I wish they had already cut these apart"  and "I wonder if a knife would cut them better?"

Nutter Butter Wafer Patties Nutrition Facts from the package:
Serving size:  5 patties
Calories:  170
Servings per container:  9

Total Fat:  9 grams
Saturated:  2.5
Trans Fat:  0
Poly:  2
Mono:  4

Cholesterol:  0
Sugar: 8
Protein: 4

As I mentioned earlier, I'm not a fan of cookies, but I am a fan of vanilla wafers.  For that reason, I really like the wafer bottom whereas some people have complained the wafer has no taste or tastes like dry cardboard.  I think the light, crispy wafer is probably my favorite part as it's not heavy and lets other flavors stand out.

The peanut butter filling is just the right amount for the cookie and thankfully it isn't overly sweet.  It tastes like 'real' peanut butter (as it is).  Although I think the cookie is perfectly ok, I can't say I'll personally be eating them.  Then again, since I don't usually have sweets with my coffee, that isn't a big stretch.

I do think Kraft would have a hit on their hands if they actually used a Nutter Butter cookie base instead of the wafer; this would seem to appease a larger market of Nutter Butter fans.

Have you tried them?  What do you think?

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That Mug Tho! - Unicorn Coffee Mugs (and key covers, unicorn meat, and toys)

Unicorn Figure Mug

  This morning's post comes to you straight from a Twitter conversation!  A friend on Twitter (you know who you are!)  posted a horribly ugly/cute coffee photo of someone drinking out of a unicorn and rainbows coffee mug.   It was so awful it was wonderful.   That is what brainstormed this morning post entry when I had nothing in my brain to post about!

Sure enough, I found a 3D unicorn coffee mug available through Amazon...  it's perfectly horrible and awesome at the same time, right!?

But wait!  It got better.  I then saw this little sweet mug.  Rainbows out of the unicorn's horn.... how can you not start your day off grand when you are sipping from this mug?  I like it better than the 3D version because I think this style mug 'feels' better to drink out of than a big unicorn head coming precariously close to my face when sipping my morning coffee.

Unicorn Power Coffee Mug

But the clear winner?
Unicorns barfing rainbows.  Nothing says "Good Day!" like a rainbow vomited from a unicorn.

Rainbow Unicorn Coffee Mug

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