My Lipton Lemon Diet Iced Tea Slushy

I wanted to take a break and check emails this afternoon while enjoying something to drink; but I wasn't in the mood for hot coffee (it's a beautiful, sunny, warm spring day) but I didn't know if I wanted an iced coffee frappe either.

I thought about iced tea but I'm not a huge fan of regular iced tea unless it's really really hot day.  Then I knew what I wanted.

An iced tea slushy.

Using what is probably my favorite appliance in my kitchen right now next to my Keurig brewer, all it took was my Mr. Coffee Frappe Maker and a jar of Lipton Lemon Iced Tea.  Now, I bought the sugar free kind because I don't like things overly sweet and generally don't care for sugar.  You could use regular tea though.

With just these two ingredients and a little ice and water, I made the drink you see in the photo, sitting on the window ledge here in my office.

If you don't have a Mr.  Coffee Frappe maker, you can certainly make this with your own brand of ice shaver or crusher - or use a really good quality, sharp blender that will blend ice to make frozen drinks.

All I did was use about 1 1/2 cups water with 1 1/2 cups ice and 2 T iced tea drink mix.
Blended in my frappe maker about 8 pulses and poured into a tall glass and inserted a straw.

  and = delicious.

You might also be interested in different flavors (2 packs) of sugar free peach or raspberry iced tea or even decaf;