Recycling my k-cups: Starting Seeds for the Garden

This is just a short and sweet fly-by-post.  I've posted in the past about my guilt over k-cups as they are so popular and so horrible for the enviroment.  The SoloFill cup and My k-cup are reusable cups you put your own coffee grounds in and are a good option, but admittedly I still use store bought k-cups as they are not only quick and easy, but they really do deliver a good cup of caffeine.  One of the small ways I'm recycling and reusing is giving them a second life as a seed starter.  

Tiny little seeds that need to be started indoors before being transferred to the garden are more than happy to grow in these little cups.  I simply removed the foil lid, dumped out the coffee grounds and filled with a healthy potting soil.  Insert the  seed(s) of your choice, water and set in a sunny place.  Be sure to put them in a container or something to collect water as they have the hole already punched in the bottom from when you brewed your coffee in them.

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