That Mug Tho! - Unicorn Coffee Mugs (and key covers, unicorn meat, and toys)

Unicorn Figure Mug

  This morning's post comes to you straight from a Twitter conversation!  A friend on Twitter (you know who you are!)  posted a horribly ugly/cute coffee photo of someone drinking out of a unicorn and rainbows coffee mug.   It was so awful it was wonderful.   That is what brainstormed this morning post entry when I had nothing in my brain to post about!

Sure enough, I found a 3D unicorn coffee mug available through Amazon...  it's perfectly horrible and awesome at the same time, right!?

But wait!  It got better.  I then saw this little sweet mug.  Rainbows out of the unicorn's horn.... how can you not start your day off grand when you are sipping from this mug?  I like it better than the 3D version because I think this style mug 'feels' better to drink out of than a big unicorn head coming precariously close to my face when sipping my morning coffee.

Unicorn Power Coffee Mug

But the clear winner?
Unicorns barfing rainbows.  Nothing says "Good Day!" like a rainbow vomited from a unicorn.

Rainbow Unicorn Coffee Mug

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