Coffee Talking... Let's talk coffee tables this morning

So, it's a stretch on my blog theme... but coffee talk, coffee products... coffee tables.  It kind of goes together, right?  And besides it's on my mind.

When we moved to this house the walls were recently painted a wheat-ish kind of color.  A nice color.  It was also uniform throughout the entire house.  It also just so happened to match our current living room furniture, so we went with it.  Except we had to buy new coffee tables and side tables.   

I looked locally and found this one (the oval - above) but didn't have the money at that time to buy it so I waited and then, life went on.

Soon, I decided I needed to make an end table priority because I bought 2 lamps for that room and they were sitting on the living room floor waiting for a home. 

Looking online I found THIS option for a coffee table... apparently the same designer and series as the oval table I purchased except this one is rectangle and I love it SO MUCH MORE.  But alas, none of the local furniture stores I visited when I was looking for 'my' table had this one!  I've only seen it online. 

I really wanted to see it and buy it in person.

So I'm waiting, but in the meantime...

I tracked down the matching end tables to this particular series.   Hmm.  They are round.  They are not my style.  But it is what it is.  And will go with the oval coffee table.   I went to 2 semi-local furniture stores and they did not have them in stock.  (They did have more of the oval coffee tables... just not the matching end tables).    No worries.  I went online and found them at Amazon.

Then I spied this guy.  


A matching sofa table.  Hmmm.  

So I ordered it on April 13th.  Bought and paid for immediately.

Happily I got a notice immediately from Amazon that it was shipped!

And on April 15th I got a notice from FedEx that it was shipped!

I waited and watched for the truck to bring me my loot.

No truck.

In the meantime I ordered 4 other items online from not only Amazon but another company.  All four of those orders shipped and made it here and yet... still no table.

I clicked through Amazon 'track this' and no tracking available.

I clicked through FedEx tracking and no tracking available.  How is this possible?

Well I read it a little more and it says;  "April 15th - received shipping information from seller"


They received shipping "information"?  And it sat there for 2 weeks showing "in transit to FedEx from Seller".

Although I pride myself on being a somewhat patient person, I had to cave.  I contacted the seller through Amazon.  

I asked about the strange 'shipping information' sent to FedEx and yet... no table?  Where is my my table?  When might it appear in my driveway?  Oh please tell me kind sir!

(Ok, I didn't phrase it that way but you get it....)

He responds that day (yay!) but his response:   "Thank you for your patience.  I am getting 100 of them on the 10th. I ship yours the day I get them."  

He doesn't even have them yet!
He WILL ship it on May 10th?

So WHY did he report to Amazon it was shipped April 13th.
And WHY did he report to FedEx it was shipped April 15th.

Oh, I get it.  To cover his butt and make him look good on paper... even though he DID NOT SHIP MY TABLE.

Mr. Liarpants.

So...  awaiting my table still.   Let's see if Mr. Liarpants really does ship it on May 10th or if he strings me along.

I'll let ya know.


This was originally posted in May of 2014.  Yes, I did receive my sofa table, and I had the matching oval coffee table and two round end tables soon after.  Since then we've completely switched our decorating style and no longer have them - but gave them to a family member who is still loving them to this day and they are still in as good of shape as they were when we bought them.  This is in 2021.  So if you have any doubts, they are good quality (they're Ashley brand so they've been around forever and a well known name) and I had no issues with the quality of those ordered off Amazon.