Update: Just a tiny update on the saga of ordering my table from Amazon

If you saw the post below, this is a tiny little update about ordering a sofa table from an authorized seller on Amazon.  I ordered it the first week of April.  He reported to Amazon it was shipped. He reported 'shipping information' to FedEx as shipped.  But it was not shipped.  I contacted him the 3rd week of April and his email said he was getting 100 tables in on May 10th and would ship it out that day. 

So, he admitted to me, in an email, that my table had not shipped.

Even though he made sure to protect his 'sellers' butt through Amazon and FedEx that it was "in transit" - even though it wasn't and FedEx couldn't track it.

So I emailed again this week.  I made sure to contact him through Amazon's link so there would be record of my emails.  I made sure to also note in the email that I was "checking on the status" of the table.  I ALSO made sure to mention "since you admitted to me in your last email that the table had not shipped even though you told Amazon and FedEx it had...."

I asked if he was still on target to get the tables on the 10th and would mine be shipped out that day?

Surprise.  His email response was that my table was shipped out that day and I should be getting a tracking number from FedEx by today or tomorrow.

Funny how he suddenly had a table available for me?

I'm expecting it to be broken, bashed in and in terrible shape....   but we shall see.