Tasting the Mahogany Blend Coffee from Caribou... Now this is a dark roast!

When it comes to 'dark roast' coffee I'm dubious.  I have found too many times blends marked 'dark' roast taste and look like a medium roast (unless it's a k-cup brewed at 6 oz. size instead of 8 or 10 oz. or you use double the amount of coffee in the basket of a brewer). 

This week I invested in a plethora of coffee blends, including the Mahogany blend.  The first thing I noticed as I waited and watched the k-cup brew and it started to fill my mug was the aroma.

I remarked (out loud, and yes, I was the only one in the kitchen at the time) "Wow, it smells like a coffee shop."   Not too many coffees can actually reach that level of awesomeness in their initial aroma.

Sipping it, I found that yes....  it was really, truly a dark roast.  It was rich and strong.  A rugged coffee.  Bold. Not a wimpy imitation.

From the Caribou site, here is how they describe their coffee;

Mahogany is roasted to bring out the body of the El Salvador and Sumatra coffees, yet also preserve the delicate vanilla and floral notes of the Guatemala. Accented by aromatic woods notes and finishing with a raw sugar sweetness, this coffee will become a staple in the cupboard for those who appreciate complexity in a cup.

Tasting Notes:
Mahogany is a dark roast coffee that offers dry spice notes, woodsy accents and hints of vanilla and flowers. Expect bold, dry spice along with heady, aromatic wood and leather flavors. Look also for the hints of floral, vanilla, molasses and semi-sweet chocolate.

Roastmaster's Notes:

  • Bold, aromatic dark roast
  • Sweet vanilla and molasses tones
  • Rugged, earthy finish
  • Ideal dark roast for light roast drinkers
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified (regular only)

Mahogany is a 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified® coffee.

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Quick and Easy Coffee Decor Idea: Vinyl Wall Words Art Decals with a Coffee Theme

I became a fan of 'wall words' back around 2007 or so with a large two-colored quote I used in our Family Room above the wall sized mantel.  It gained many comments, I had to share the information of where I got it, and when we sold the house, it was requested to stay on the wall with the sale of the house.  

I considered using something similar in this house but the walls and window placement in this house don't allow for a large decoration area.  Still, it was on my mind this afternoon and I decided to look up some idea's on Amazon.

What do you think?   These are COFFEE themed of course, but it is simply a starting point.  There are some really fun, pretty or quirky 'kitchen' themed phrases or quotes or images to choose from that don't necessarily have to do with coffee.  Of course you can find quotes and images for every room in the house;  from sports and flowers and animals to patterns, swirls, curly q's and biblical quotes.

Good Coffee Friends Wall Vinyl Sticker Decal

  • A beautiful wall art wall decal for your home or office
  • Material: PVC
  • Size: 57X35cm
  • Non-toxic,environmental protection

Vinyl Wall Sticker Decals Mural Art I Love Coffee Black Cups

  • Size: 20*28 Inches
  • Soft PVC film features a matte surface that can be applied on slightly textured wall surfaces
  • Easy to apply, remove, reposition, and reuse without leaving damage or residue
  • Ready to dispatch within 1-2 working days

 Wall Decal Stickers Decor

Wall Vinyl Sticker Decals Decor Art Kitchen Design Mural Coffee Cup Words

  • Wall Vinyl Decal Sticker for Any Interior
  • You can let us know the color after purchasing the product in the message, or we ship it in showing on picture color.
  • Easy to apply! You will get the instruction!
  • Real sizes are usually from 22" X 22" to 22" X 35"
  • Can make any design up to 48" x 80"