So Excited! I finally ordered my GSI Outdoor French Press Travel Mug!

I mentioned in a previous post this mug was on my 'wish list' to purchase sometime.  Well, yesterday was the day!  I'm getting a 'camping' bug and I'm thinking about heading out with my 2 dogs and doing some tent camping.  However, I want it to be as simple as possible.  Camping with the whole family is much more involved than taking off on my own.  I'm ready to reduce everything I need to one pack so the idea of putting a ziploc baggy of fresh ground coffee inside this mug to travel and then simply heating the water over a campfire and brewing in this cup is exciting! 

I opted for the 30 oz. size for now, which will give me about 3 cups of morning coffee.  That's about right!  If I love it, I will probably buy a second for my emergency preps (or on the off-chance I can convince or guilt my husband into camping with me).  He can have his own... sharing hot, strong, fresh coffee is similar to sharing your bacon.  It's really hard to do!

Review to come after it arrives and I give it a test!

GSI Outdoors Java Press

  • 30 oz french press coffee maker that is simple and portable
  • Crystal-clear, BPA-Free Carafe is lightweight and shatter-resistant allowing you to enjoy French Press coffee anywhere
  • Double-walled, insulated lid holds in temperature while brewing and serving
  • Silicone ring plunger design virtually eliminates coffee 'blow-by' for the most flavorful, mud-free coffee.
  • Insulating EVA sleeve removes easily for cleaning.