Sipping Cura Coffee from my Hotel.... so I'm donating to a good cause AND enjoying good coffee

I am on the road right now and believe it or not, I do actually carry my own coffee maker.  True story.  Hotel coffee isn't known for being good coffee.  Although you CAN get lucky and stay in a hotel with a good brew, most taste like cigarette ashes.

I travel with an individual cup Keurig (I bought this one from Best Buy but they offer it on Amazon too - Keurig MINI Plus Brewing System). It's the small brewer that often is called the desktop version because it's mini in size and only holds enough water to brew 1 cup of coffee.  You add the water and your coffee, brew it, and it's ready to go for the next one, or in my case, it's easy to pack in my suitcase without worrying about the size, weight or how to get the excess water out.

This morning my brew of choice is Cura Coffee in k-cup form.  They offer ground as well (click on the image for all their product choices).  I can choose Cura Coffee because it's a good tasting brew, but it's also a 'coffee for a cause' and they like to use the phrase;  "beyond the cup" because a portion of all sales goes to help bring free dental care to those who need it in Nicaragua.

Click on the image for information about how you can help fund their cause - and with a click through the link above, any sales will also benefit the college fund of my daughter as well.