Making used motor oil from my JavaPress - otherwise known as making coffee in the dark

If you've hung out at CoffeeTalking lately you know I love (love love love) the GSI JavaPress mug I bought in July for camping and our emergency bag.  However, being low on k-cups I grabbed it out of my emergency kit and started using it this week.  Although I have two regular coffee pots (yes, 2) to back up our 2 Keurigs (yes, 2) the taste from the JavaPress is better than the coffee made in a traditional coffeemaker with a glass carafe.

This morning I was up bright and early before the birds.  Even before my dogs, which is saying something.  I don't like artificial light and I don't mind doing things in darkness so this morning I decided to make coffee in the dark.  I've done this many times with both a Keurig and coffeemaker.  But never with my JavaPress.  No worries.  I actually had bought a bag of pre-ground coffee last week in anticipation of using it for the French Press so I didn't even have to grind the beans.

Easy.  Just put some water to boil in the microwave while I poured a little coffee in my mug and then put the top on and I'd stumble into the office and commence my morning coffee and the news.

I guesstimated the amount of coffee by briefly tipping the bag and pouring a little bit of coffee for what I counted to be about 3 cups.  (3, 10 oz. mugs).  Poured in my water with the light from the microwave, put on the lid and walked to the office.  After plunging the top down I peeked through the little side window in the mug and thought to myself; "Huh, I don't remember it having any foam all the other times I've made it...."  That should have been my first hint at just how thick and strong I made it!  Ha.

I sipped... and wowser!  Now I'm a girl who likes my coffee strong, hot and black - black as night.  And I can drink some strong brewed coffee.  But I've never in my life made it this strong before!  Motor oil comes to mind.  Used motor oil.

After just 3 sips it was already hitting me (and I've worked up a pretty strong resistance to caffeine so it takes quite a jolt to effect me.  This did.  After finishing my cup of used motor oil, I actually went into the kitchen and boiled one more cup of water and added it to my press and plunged again.


And because I'm me... yes, I will gladly be making coffee completely in the dark again.  I will measure the outgoing grounds with my fingers though. No more blind pouring!

My GSI Outdoors 30 oz Java Press - ordered from Amazon in July for camping and emergency bug-out bag but ended up using it almost daily now.

If you want a larger version, they do offer the GSI Javapress - 50 Oz size.

My next purchase will be a stainless steel version of the JavaPress now that I know I love the travel/camping plastic version.

GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless 1-Liter Java Press