Need a caffeine-kicked snacked food? What about caffeinated sunflower seeds in various flavors like dill pickle, ranch or BBQ?

This morning I was going through some of my old 'saved' files and came across some caffeine fueled files from last summer - of 2013.  At the time I guess I was on a kick to find some caffeine-infused snack foods.  Interestingly enough as I checked the current status (September, 2014) of some of the products, I found many were no longer available.  Obviously either a flash-in-pan idea, a fad or possibly was a great product that just didn't have the marketing to take off.

One that I was surprised to see still available was called Sumseeds.

Sumseeds Energized Sunflower Seeds Variety Pack - Tangy Ranch, Original, Salt Pepper, Dill Pickle, Honey BBQ -  These salted sunflower seeds, introduced in 2007 by Dakota Valley Products, not only are caffeinated but also contain the “energy components” taurine, ginseng, and lysine.
  • Convenient variety pack of all flavors
  • Contains 1-1.75 oz bag of Tangy Ranch, Honey BBQ, Original, Dill Pickle, Salt & Pepper
  • Infused with 4 power energy components - Caffeine, Taurine, Lysine, and Ginseng

While researching their product I made the mistake of going directly to their site...  warning, if you do, and you don't have your computer's mute button on, be prepared for a cheesy movie-theater deep voice announcing their product.  It's horribly done and cringeworthy...  literally, I cringed when I heard it.  It cheapens their site and their product as if it's an infomercial warning you you better 'call now!' because only the first 80 people will be available to buy the product.

But if you get past the cheesy site and voice-over you can read about the sunflower seeds that are 'energized' and why they believe their product is better than drinking an energy drink. 

Product description from their website;


Sumseeds is a unique formula of energy, nutrition and taste that's second to none in the energy and snack-food industry!

CAFFEINE - 140mg
Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and is proven to be effective in easing fatigue, stimulating awareness, elevating mood and has also been known to enhance performance in endurance sports. In moderation, caffeine can be beneficial for an active life style. Sunflower seeds are typically consumed at a lower rate than "energy drinks" and this diminsishes the energy "shock" that comes from rapidly guzzling a drink.

TAURINE - 96mg
Though Taurine does not have a stimulatory effect on the body, it has been known to alleviate muscle fatigue, which contributes to its appeal to athletes. Additionally, Taurine can reduce sugars in the blood.

LYSINE - 53mg
An essential amino acid, Lysine is a necessary building-block for protein and plays a major role in calcium absorbtion, building muscle protein and recovering from injury or stresses relating to participating in athletic events. Lysine has also been shown to enhance production of hormones, enzymes and antibodies.

GINSENG - 40mg
The "Red Panax" variety of Ginseng has been chosen for Sumseeds as it improves circulation, blood supply and has also been shown to aid in recovery from illness. Popular research also shows that Red Panax Ginseng improves libido and "performance."

Flavorings used in Sumseeds are of the highest quality and consistency possible. Please read the labels below for more detailed information on each flavor.

Energy drinks have a high ratio of sugar to caffeine, which often results in a sudden spike and subsequent crash in blood sugar and energy when consumed rapidly. Energy Drinks can have as many as 30 grams of sugar for only 70-80 mg of caffeine. Sumseeds, however, have ONLY 2 GRAMS or less of sugar for 140 milligrams of caffeine, which provides a more gradual and sustainable energy boost for Sumseeds consumers.