Heat Changing Coffee Mugs - Mugs that change color when hot and cold liquids are added!

This is yet another accidental post!  I was actually updating a different website of mine and thought I'd find a coffee mug image to use with the post.  I saw a really cute 'face' mug that changed colors from sleepy to awake and happy when you added coffee and wanted to feature it here.

Unfortunately, the reviews for the mug weren't up to my standards here on Coffee Talking.  It had over 500 reviews but many said the image had faded after just 2 washings or the awake image was showing through the sleep image or vice-verse. 

I had the idea of 'color changing mugs' stuck in my head, so instead, I searched for mugs that were rated highly by the reviewers and this eclectic collection were all rated and reviewed well.  There is something for everyone on this list!   From bright smoke graphics, to camo, to dinosaurs (you gotta see that one!  From it's skeleton to a full color dinosaur) to Elvis... and more.  Some fun mugs!