Sipping Barnies Coffee Kitchen - Santa's White Christmas Blend. New to me!

Maybe it's because of where I live in the USA, or because my local grocer's weren't carrying this brand, but today while grocery shopping I saw a 'new to me' coffee offered at my local store and it was a great sale;  buy 1, get 1 free.  I still spent about 5 minutes comparing price per ounce, specials and digital and paper coupons but in the end it was the best deal AND I really, really wanted to try the one named "Santa's White Christmas" - which I thought was out a little early (umm, it's October) but apparently it's a customer favorite so they offer it year round.

I spent some time on their company website learning about the company, and seeing where they were located.  After checking out their 'about' page I clicked on the location page and I fell in love with the Winter Park, Florida location photo.  It reminded me of a cafe in Italy and as odd as it sounds, I love the front door and it makes me want to walk right in and visit.  The next time I am in Winter Park, I totally intend to do just that.

Today I bought Santa's White Christmas as well as the Barnie's Blend coffee.  I will be reviewing Barnie's blend next but today is focused on the flavored coffee blend.

From their site;

Barnie's Coffee Kitchen, Santa's White Chistmas,for Keurig Brewers (24 Ct.)
Need a little Christmas 365 days a year - or in everyone's favorite yuletide season? Santa’s White Christmas®, A Barnie's CoffeeKitchen exclusive was first introduced as a holiday coffee in 1995 and has quickly become a year-round best seller. This coffee combines the flavors of coconut, nuts, sweet caramel and vanilla to satisfy your craving for something smooth, rich and wonderful. This combination of flavors creates an aromatic cup of coffee that remains unforgettable. Also available in 10oz bags of regular and decaf ground and whole bean coffees, 2.5oz fractional packs and 10oz case packs. Compatible with Keurig® original K-Cup® coffeemakers.

I find their description to be right on target.  I can taste all the flavors they mention and it is indeed a very smooth, light coffee.  I don't like my coffee watery or too light so I brewed mine at the middle setting on my Keurig - which is 8 oz.  I can also see myself brewing it on the smaller 6 oz. setting too - and I think by doing so I'll get more of a true 'coffee shop' flavor as shops tend to have a bolder, stronger taste compared to when you blend the same coffee at home.

I am thrilled with this coffee and that is saying something because if you read COFFEE TALKING regularly or were a reader from 2004-2009 when it was a "Mom Blog" you know I don't really crave flavored coffee.  I like my caffeine in liquid form; strong, extremely hot and black.  But when Autumn is in the air or winter has arrived, I will crave a flavored brew... and this one fits the bill.

I have never found this coffee near me in stores before (either up North, in the Midwest or in the last three years I've lived in the deep South.)  However, today I found it at my local Publix.  If you do not have a Publix near you or yours does not carry it and you would like to try it, I checked and found it on Amazon so you can order it (or any of their many flavors or different styles) online!

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