Another easy recipe that uses instant coffee - Almond Caramel Cheesecake Triangles with a Cookie Crust

This has been sitting in my files forever and ever but never posted. I'm thinking it came from Folger's (?) but that is a guess on my part.  It uses a bunch of prepared items you can buy at the store (meaning; you don't have to make things like the cookie dough or caramel sauce from scratch) so it goes together quick and easy!  

Not only does it have a bit of 'coffee' in it, I think it would go perfectly WITH coffee.  Enjoy!

Almond Caramel Cheesecake Triangles

No-Stick Cooking Spray
1 (17.5 oz.) package Pillsbury sugar cookie mix
1/2 c cold butter
3/4 c sliced almonds, coarsely chopped
1 c milk chocolate toffee baking bits
2 (8 oz.) packages cream cheese, softened
1 t Folgers Classic Roast Instant Coffee Crystals
2 T  flour
1 (12 oz.) jar Smucker's Caramel Flavored Topping
2 large eggs
1 t vanilla extract
1/2 t salt

Heat oven to 350°F. Coat bottom of 13 x 9-inch baking pan with no-stick cooking spray. Place cookie mix in large bowl. Cut in butter with pastry blender until mixture resembles coarse crumbs. Reserve 1 1/2 cups crumb mixture for topping. Press remaining crumb mixture into prepared pan to form a crust. Bake 10 minutes.

Combine reserved crumb mixture, almonds and toffee bits in small bowl; toss with fork. Beat cream cheese and coffee crystals in large bowl with electric mixer on medium speed until fluffy. Add flour, 3/4 cup caramel topping, eggs, vanilla and salt. Spread cream cheese mixture over hot crust. Sprinkle with crumb mixture.

Bake 40 to 45 minutes or until lightly browned. Cool in pan on wire rack. Cover and chill 2 hours. Cut into 3-inch squares. Cut diagonally into triangles. Drizzle with remaining caramel topping just before serving.