How can Sam's Club be completely out of their own brand coffee?

If you know me in real life or chat with me on the coffee talking forum, then you know I've started to become, well, let's just say 'disenchanted' with my local Sam's Club. 


10 minutes of typing later I looked back at this post and I had FILLED the editor box with a long, rambling rant about the downward spiral of my local Sam's Club in the 3 years I've lived here.

Delete. Delete. Delete.

Suffice to say that when we moved here 3 years ago I was happily surprised to see my local Sam's Club wasn't too bad!  Not up to Costco standards, but when Sam's is 4 miles away verses a long, traffic filled city commute to Costco... Sam's won out.  But it was all good because it was really, shockingly, a pretty nice one.

I liked them enough that I wrote about it a couple of times;  the first time was in 2012 (here).

Over the last 2 years they've gotten progressively worse every time I go.  And yesterday, as usual, within about 3 minutes of trying to shop, I was debating leaving my cart, walking out and making the long trek to Costco.

But I told myself to suck it up, get the items on my list and mostly... GET MY COFFEE.

So imagine my "Ohhh man!"  moment when I see that an entire huge section of k-cups had disappeared.  (And I'm sure you guys know since they sell in bulk, the space where their store brand coffee SHOULD be is like, 6 or 8 feet across).   Gone.   They had 1 version of their brand;  DECAF.  The entire space where French Roast and Colombian should be was now filled in with their regular offerings of Starbucks, Green Mountain, Newman's and yada yada.   The entire area where Daily Chef is had disappeared.

The one thing that I came for that I couldn't get anywhere else in town and that had kept me shopping in a store that can kill even the most positive, happy soul.

I don't want to order them from Amazon even though I can.  (Daily Chef Colombian Supremo Coffee Single Serve Cups 80ct) I just want to pick them up with my groceries.  Not order them. 

So anyway... in that long, rambling, drawn out post that really serves no purpose;  I just want to say darnit.  I'm out of decent coffee so I'm drinking the cheap Walmart coffee I posted about last week.

..... if I start to ramble or rant, don't worry; it's just the coffee talking.

UPDATE:  Here is my post about finding it in stock again:   I'm back in coffee!

Product discussed in this post available through Amazon;  Daily Chef Colombian Supremo Coffee Single Serve Cups 80ct