I'm back in coffee....

Yesterday we had to take a trip to Sam's Club for dog food, seafood, Monster drinks, paper plates and prescription glasses (I just realized how 'American' that is to be able to get all our needs in one store like this....) and I decided to see if they had the 80 count box of their Daily Chef Colombian coffee.

They did not have it in the normal place with all the other coffee so I was going to give in and get the 54 count Starbucks... but while hesitating, I walked around the corner and saw tucked away on a busy end cap that was partially hidden behind some big cut out cardboard something-or-other, the coffee I was looking for.  Not one person was stopping to find it there - where it wasn't expected - but Sam's has been doing that lately.  Everything around the store has been changing places every time I go.

I thought it was just 'me' irritated by not being able to quickly find the eggs, the cheese, the bacon (two different spots for bacon - 2 aisles apart) and the eggs were moved next to the cream cheese and sour cream.  But I heard 3 different comments by other shoppers saying things like "They keep moving things around"  or "I don't know... they've moved it again!"  Just in case you might need to know; They also moved the butter next to the cream cheese instead of over by the dairy, cream and milk where it used to be (and where everyone looks for it).

But I digress...  they had the 80 count box of coffee back in stock.  So I bought it.

And I think it was 'out of stock' last week because I noticed they changed the design color of the k-cups again.  They are now bright red and white and quite shiny plastic verses the dark maroon burgundy labels they were 2 weeks ago.  So that may explain their brief disappearance?

And we are back in coffee.
So if your Sam's is like mine and likes to screw around with their customer's and make it as difficult and time-consuming as possible to find your 'regular' purchases, try looking in the most unlikely place in the store.  I bet you might find it.