Postum is back - the healthy coffee alternative - Plus a 'homemade postum' recipe

Some mornings I have no intention of posting an entry into but... one just happens!  This post on a new-to-me product is one of those.

This morning I was enjoying flipping through a Christmas catalog that was mailed to my house.  As I sipped my coffee and flipped through the pages of 'old fashioned' products this company carries, they had a tiny little cup of coffee with a blurb that said;  "Postum, the healthful coffee alternative is back" and a price of $16.95 for an 8 oz. jar.  But... NO other description or information.

I was intrigued (and a bit frustrated) they included no information as to what this healthful coffee alternative was.  So, I had to go on a search.  And this is what I found!

Postum Instant Hot Beverage, Original, 8 Ounces

Product Description

Postum is the perfect family alternative to coffee and other caffeinated beverages. Its rich, savory roasted flavor is similar to coffee, but with none of the caffeine, acidity or bitterness. We use a healthful blend ingredients to create a wonderful drink that the whole family can enjoy - anytime!
  • Instant Hot Beverage
  • Naturally Caffeine Free
  • Made from Wheat Bran and Molasses
  • Finally Back after not being made for two years!
  • Made from Roasted Grains. Great coffee alternative
Roasted wheat bran, wheat, molasses, maltodextrin from corn.

Use 1 tsp. Postum, add boiling water, stir. Add milk and sweeten to taste if desired.

About Postum - from their website:

In 2007, when POSTUM® was discontinued by a large food company, there began a groundswell of support from loyal POSTUM® drinkers “Bring Back Our POSTUM®!”

We at Eliza’s Quest Foods felt the same way.  Like many other loyalists, we tried the available coffee substitutes.   After many well-meant attempts, we arrived at the conclusion that the POSTUM® recipe with wheat was far better and something had to be done.

Starting like C.W. Post so long ago, we worked in our kitchen to recreate that POSTUM® flavor from wheat and molasses.  In 2008, POSTUM® was once again created in a small kitchen with the same ingredients used since the 19th century.

Still the fans continued clamoring for POSTUM®’s return.  Blogs, petitions and articles said the same thing, “Bring Back Our POSTUM®.” Eliza’s Quest went to work to make that happen and today we’re proud to offer POSTUM®, the world’s best coffee substitute that is completely caffeine free so you and your family can once again enjoy the delicious taste you love from the brand you trust.

Eliza’s Quest Foods, LLC acquired the rights to POSTUM® and for the past three years have been working to bring it back to market for all the loyal supporters who love Postum as a coffee alternative that is caffeine free.  Co-owners and lifelong POSTUM® drinkers Dayle and June Rust spearheaded the drive initially.

Bringing the product to market has not been without its challenges.  It has been time-consuming and we thank all of you for your patience.  We know you understand that POSTUM®’s unique flavor doesn’t come from a cookie cutter recipe and that we want to offer you the best coffee replacement possible.  While we were working on the process, we were also able to secure the POSTUM® trademark.  This was something of an unexpected miracle, and gave us additional impetus in our journey to market.

To all the POSTUM® fans who believed, we are excited and proud to bring you the one and only roasted wheat, bran and molasses beverage with over one hundred years of satisfied drinkers: POSTUM®!

But... how does it taste?

Because I've never had this product, I spent the next few minutes reading through about 150 different reviews and comments from all over the net; Amazon, message boards, forums, product review sites... and the reviews were interesting.

The majority of people exclaimed this was spot on.  Exactly as they remembered.
The other group (smaller) declared it close... but not 'it'.

The negatives were the same, repeated over and over.  This particular review off Amazon stated what all the other not-completely-positive reviews said;

"It didn't have any smell when I opened it. 
The color was a lot darker. I actually have about 
a teaspoon left in an old jar to compare it with. 
When I prepared it the color was not quite the same 
but I don't care about the color. 
 I tasted it and did not find the old familiar flavor. 
It was close."

In researching Postum I did find this simple 'recipe' online - repeated many places as it's so quick and easy and only has 3 ingredients. 


1 qt. fine ground wheat
1 pt. coarse ground corn meal
1/2 c molasses or dark syrup

Mix the wheat, corn-meal, and syrup. Rub them in the palms of the hand until it is well mixed. Put it into shallow baking pans and brown in a slow oven until it is a rich dark brown. It must be stirred often for even browning. Don't try to hurry the process or it will burn. When it is done, cool and store in a sealed jar or canister. Use like any cereal coffee. I use 2 tablespoons coffee for each cup and a half of water. It may be boiled or it can be made in an electric coffee-maker.

If you can't buy ground wheat, you can sort whole grains of wheat and grind them in your blender. However, take them out before it grinds them into a flour.

If you aren't up to ordering it online (Postum, Original, 8 oz.)  You can see if there is a store near you that carries it.  There are over 300 stores in the USA that have brought it back!  store locator