Review of Great Value Walmart Donut Shop K-cup Coffee

I'm not a fan of 'donut shop' style coffee's of any brand, so perhaps my outlook on this one is a little skewed, but I'm going to give it a 3 out of 5 stars.

Walmart was my store of choice this weekend for a couple grocery items as I was going there for wrapping paper, boxes and tape.  Sam's Club is across the street and I planned on stopping in to get coffee and kitty litter, but I really, really didn't want to.  Not only do I usually find other things I 'need' at Sam's or Costco and over spend my budget, but it being a huge holiday shopping weekend, I didn't want to deal with traffic, parking and crowds - nor the long lines inside just to buy coffee and kitty litter!  So I decided to get all my items at Walmart.

My regular Walmart location has never carried large boxes of k-cups but this particular Walmart I was at did!  I saw a 48 count box of Donut Shop style, 100% arabica coffee for just $15.98.  I don't usually purchase the Donut Shop style as it's too light and sour for my tastes, but it was 'new' to me and affordable so I wanted to give it a try!  I would have bought a different blend - but the space next to it was sold out - so Donut Style it was.

From their product description;

Great Value Donut Shop Blend 100% Arabica Coffee Single-Serving Cups is for use in Keurig coffee makers. It is a medium roast, not too dark or too light, with just the right taste. Each single-serving cup of Great Value Coffee, 0.37 oz, provides one hot cup of coffee to help you take on the day. Put the cup in the Keurig, and you're able to have a quick, donut store-quality cup right at home.

Great Value Donut Shop Blend 100% Arabica Coffee Single-Serving Cups:
  • 100% Arabica coffee
  • Medium coffee
  • For use in Keurig coffee makers (except Vue coffee makers)
  • 0.37-oz single-serving cup

Overall, I'd say for a medium roast, donut style blend - you will like this one.

It has that strange taste to it that jumps out at me as a strong, woodsy, musky 'sour' taste but from discussions with other people, it seems my taste buds pick up on this while many people's do not. It's just a personal quirk of mine. 

This coffee is very similar in flavor to the Green Mountain Three Continent Blend (Green Mountain Coffee Three Continent Blend, 24 Count) and Gevalia coffee.  It also reminds me strongly of the coffee I get when I order at a small 'mom and pop' style coffee shop or a cafe' in a small town.  Especially if I drink it out of a sturdy, thick edged mug.  (Because coffee does taste different in different shaped and style mugs!)

It's not one I'm going to purchase again, as I prefer a darker, stronger and more robust blend without that sour taste I tend to pick up on.  But for 48 k-cups in a box at just under $16 it is an incredible buy!  (Interestingly enough - when I checked the Walmart website the box features just 44 count and is $18 and SOLD OUT.  So you might want to check your local Walmart to see if they have started to carry the larger sized boxes with 48 count.)

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