Mmmmm Milkshake

G&B Coffee Shake credit: Dylan and Jeni
So, almost everyone I know has basically made this on their own before and hardly requires a 'recipe' but I saw this photo on another page when I was looking up cake recipes and doesn't it just look so yummy?

You just take some ice cream, add some espresso and blend it.  Hardly 'recipe' worthy but maybe you just needed a little reminder about how awesome coffee and heavy cream are together in frozen form.  I use vanilla ice cream and because I like the flavor, I always add a touch more of either vanilla extract or a shot of sugar free vanilla syrup.  You could also drizzle with chocolate syrup, add whipped cream, caramel with a sprinkle of salt, a little mint... the varieties are probably endless.

1 1/4 c ice cream
4 shots espresso
1 t ground espresso

Combine all ingredients, blend until the majority of the ice cream is incorporated and pour into a glass.

G&B Coffee, Los Angeles