Seattle's Best Coffee - Born in Seattle

This may be a weird way to give a thumbs up to a certain coffee brand and variety... but it's the truth, so here goes.

I was thinking "I need to review a coffee for Coffee Talking but which kind should I... hey, wait.  I've been drinking Seattle's Best Coffee for like, almost 2 weeks now and haven't reviewed it!"  

And the reason is that it is so incredibly smooth and easy to drink that it just didn't stand out in my mind.  And yes that IS a positive! 

Seattle's Best "Born in Seattle" was such a smooth, good, easy and enjoyable coffee to drink that it snuck into my life and I started to buy not only packaged version, but the k-cups as well.  That sneaky little coffee has taken over my life this week and I didn't even realize it!  Ha.

"That sneaky little coffee has taken over my life this week 
and I didn't even realize it!"

I like to have all coffee options on hand in our Coffee Haus; whole bean, ground, k-cups, black, blonde, flavored, espresso...  I bought Seattle's Best in a package about two weeks ago.  I used it in my French Press on a couple mornings and then used it in my Mr. Coffee Frappe' (Iced Coffee) maker.   When I bought groceries on Monday I mindlessly went straight for the Born in Seattle k-cups because I knew I had been drinking it and liked it...  but it was almost a subconscious purchase.

That, my friends, tells you how good it is.

It's smooth.  It's easy to drink.  It's just... GOOD.

It's not bitter, sour, overly earthy or has any hint of cigarette ashes, burnt beans or anything negative at all. 

Although I like to buy Columbian coffee in bulk as my 'go to'  -  Seattle's Best replaced it this weekend and I didn't even notice.  That's how smooth and good it is.

"Born in Seattle" is their HOUSE BLEND and according to their website, is also available as coffee of choice in hot and cold versions at Burger King as well as Chevron stations. 

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