The iCoffee Single Server Brewer... Next on my 'Wish List'

Note an update:  I did actually buy an ICoffee - the affordable Davinci model.  It's worked out wonderfully for us and we've had much better 'long term' luck with it than the Keurigs!

Although I have a list of reasons I have been living in a cave for the last 6 months, I'm still not sure it's a good enough excuse as to why I had never heard of the new iCoffee single serve brewer. Giving Keurig a run for their money, I found out about them after I saw an ad on my Bed, Bath & Beyond flyer.

Since I lack the female gene for shopping, shoes or purses, I don't peruse stores for the fun of it and thus; another reason this was 'new to me'.  But now my eyes are opened, my interest is piqued and after debating the pros and cons, I really think this is next on my 'coffee maker' wish list.  (I know, I know... like a really need another coffee brewer!?  Who are you, my husband?  Yes.  Yes I do.)

ICoffee ® Opus Single Serve Brewer 2.0

First stop?  The Remington iCoffee site themselves;  let's hear what they have to say about their coffee brewer.

"iCoffee® K-Cup compatible single serve brewers feature patent pending SpinBrew™ Technology, which delivers Impossibly Smooth™ coffee taste. SpinBrew™ jets spin, steam and stir right inside the K-Cup, creating a mini French press-like effect that produces a noticeably smoother tasting coffee with a more pleasant aftertaste and aroma."

I only thought they offered the Opus, however, while on their site, I found more options!  The Express, Picasso, DaVinci and Mozart.

Next stop?  Let's check out some reviews on Amazon.  The ICoffee ® Opus Single Serve Brewer 2.0 had one entry as of today's posting.  Here is the product description from the site;

Product Description

"iCoffee Opus Single Serve Brewer provides an exquisite cup of smooth tasting coffee every time Adjustable brew strength Includes bonus iCup reusable cup for brewing your own coffee SpinbrewTM technology steams, spins and stirs inside the K-style cup to virtually eliminate acidic and bitter aftertaste Works with all single-serve style cups including K-Cup®, OneCupTM, and RealCupTM capsules, plus every other private label brand Not compatible with K-Carafe® packs Removable drip tray allows for travel mug Brews up to a 12 oz. size mug of coffee 75 oz. removable water reservoir Dial-a-BrewTM feature lets you select a size from 4 to 12 oz. in 1/2 oz. increments Auto shut-off control and energy saver mode Plastic exterior Wipe clean exterior Measures 13'' L x 10'' W x 13'' H UL listed 1-year manufacturer's warranty."

Next, I popped over to Cnet and although they weren't too crazy about it (3 stars) they didn't have very good reasons for the rating.  Their reasoning mostly came down it to how it looks (I'm not sure how old the person writing the article is, but they mentioned how it would look in a college dorm room) and the fact they didn't taste anything 'special' about the brew compared to a few other similar brewers.

They did however have a really good comparison chart.

iCoffee Opus Keurig K500 Cuisinart SS-700 Bunn My Café MCU
Brew time (8 oz. cup) 53 seconds 49 seconds 46 seconds 42 seconds
Drink size range 4 - 12 oz. 4 - 10 oz. 4 - 12 oz. 6 - 14 oz.
Brew temperature range (F) N/A N/A 187 - 192 N/A
Brews K-Cups Yes Yes Yes Yes
Brews off-brand cups Yes No Yes Yes
Brews Vue Packs No Yes No No
Brews fresh grounds Yes (reusable cup sold separately) No Yes (reusable cup included) Yes (brew head included)
Reservoir size 75 oz. 80 oz. 80 oz. N/A
Suggested retail price $140 $190 $200 $170

From my research I like that I can use any brand k-cup or my own coffee.
I like the spinbrew technology - it doesn't just shoot water straight down the k-cup, making a tunnel by the end of the brew cycle, but you get 'more from your beans' this way.
I like that I can choose the size from 4-12 ounces

The only 2 things that are a 'con' to me is the inability to choose the temperature of my cup.  I like my coffee hot. Very hot.  As in at least 192 degrees hot.  And the fact that in order to use your own grounds, apparently you have to use their reusable cup - the eco-cups and other reusable cups I already own for my Keurig won't work.

For me this isn't  a  deal breaker.

Tonight when my husband gets home from work I'm going to tell him I think I've found the next coffee brewer I want to try....  

Do you own one?
What do you think?
Pros?  Cons?  Do you hate it?  Love it? 

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