Coffee Art - This time by Maria A. Aristidou and Irina Lichis (Check out Ellen in Coffee!)

Although I've featured coffee art in the past - it's been a long time!  This week I was looking at some of the newer artists painting with shades of coffee (instead of water colors) and I thought I'd add a couple to Coffee Talking since I hadn't in a while!

Ellen Degeneres in Coffee... who wouldn't love that?  Unless Ellen doesn't like coffee...  but I think she does. 

And then their is R2D2 for you Star Wars fans...  yes - ALL IN COFFEE!  How awesome, right?

And Bob Marley...  the talent is wonderful, even without the 'painted in coffee' factored in.

So, who did these??   The 3 works above,  are done by a very talented young lady named Maria - (I'll link to her below).  But I also found another who has a couple videos on youtube and I watched how effortlessly she whipped out a great rendition of Audrey Hepburn.

There are a LOT of artists out there who dabble in coffee.  There are so many wonderful and amazing works of art!  I chose these two randomly as I liked the Ellen print and the Audrey prints.  If you have an interest, just do a search for coffee painting or similar words and you'll be amazed at what's out there!

Maria A. Aristidou

Irina Lichis

In Action.......  watch these 2 videos to see them painting with coffee

She makes it look so effortless!!