Hoping to see the Droops Coffeemaker hit the market....

Always sipping my coffee and reading the news; I found this story numerous places on the net even though the product is not available yet.  Although I don't drink my coffee with milk or sugar, nor do I like most flavored versions; I think the idea is a good one and I hope to see it come to market.

Eamon Chow Wai Tung hoping to have a hit with his Droops Coffeemaker, the first system with edible pods. Each one would have coffee grounds in the center, a layer of solidified milk around them and then an outer casing of sugar. All three layers would dissolve in hot water for a cup of coffee as easy to brew as a K-Cup with none of the waste.


The soaring popularity of home coffee machines has led to a increasing amount of waste generated by the pods. Now, inventor Eason Chow believes his new product could be the solution - and found inspiration from the sugar-coated sweets dispensed from gumball machines.

It involves covering coffee granules in milk powder then dipping the whole lot in sugar to create a revolutionary capsule with no waste created whatsoever. Eason Chow believes his disolvable pods solve the problem of the rising waste generated from coffee capsules

"Soaring popularity of home coffee machines has led to increasing waste
Eason Chow believes his innovative new product could be the solution
Pods are made of coffee granules in milk powder are then dipped in sugar."

Mr Chow says the sugar coating will come in varying thickness and flavourings to suit all tastes - and he has also made a stackable coffee maker to use the capsules with.

He came up with the idea after realising how much waste packaging is generated from coffee capsules each year.

The product, called Droops, is still in the early stages.  Mr Chows says he wanted to incorporate an element of surprise and fun in the design.  He explained he drew 'memories to my childhood' and 'the surprising and fun element of dispensing sweets from a gumball machine'.

'Therefore, I decided to adapt this element of surprise and fun into the design and even personalizing the coffee pods with different possibilities to heighten the desire of tasting different coffee types.'

He added that most coffee machines on the market are very industrialized and made to process coffee out of convenience.

'They neglect the importance of the visualizing and the social responsibility through its usage,' he said.

'Droops coffee maker aims to be a benchmark that identifies and exemplifies the importance of these elements to fun coffee drinking.'

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