Sili-Dripper Silicone Collapsible Cone Coffee Filter Holder & Drip Brewer

UPDATE:  As of 2017 I do not believe this is currently available.  The links will lead you to the page where you can search for similar products or you can research this one instead from Ozark Trail.

Original Post:

From their own product description:   Compact, durable, easy-to-clean silicone pour-over coffee drip brewer holds your paper cone filter and delivers a delicious, home-brewed cup of coffee, on the go. Simply fill the Sili-Dripper with your favorite coffee grinds using a #2 paper coffee filter, place it on top of your coffee mug and pour boiling water over the grinds. Brews coffee as you pour slowly over the grinds, let it drip for a minute or two after to get full coffee flavor extraction.

  • FDA & NSF approved food-grade silicone is BPA free, lead-free and heat resistant to 500°F making it dishwasher safe and it will not stain or absorb odor.
  • Brew at home, in the office, camping, RVing, etc.
  • Carabiner included for easy of carrying/drying.

Sili-Dripper Silicone Collapsible Cone Coffee Filter Holder & Drip Brewer

  • Collapsible cone saves space for drawer or backpack storage makes it easy to bring camping, or store at the office.
  • One simple, durable part is easily cleaned in the sink and is dishwasher safe.
  • Brew delicious, home-made, drip brew coffee without expensive equipment.
  • Easily use this single cup coffee maker while sitting beside the campfire.
  • Carabiner included to make it easy to attach to your backpack or belt loop.

As of this posting the Sili-Dripper runs about $11.95, which is a dollar cheaper than the similar GSI product.   One of the FYI details I found while researching is that with very hot coffee and a level surface to the mug below, it can produce a tight seal, which slows down the dripping.  Some people cut a tiny hole in the base so an air pocket cannot form between the mug and silicone brewer.  Another person mentioned they put a straw through one of the drip holes to allow air to flow and therefore the coffee to drip through.  Pour about 1/3 of your water, wait for the bloom, then slowly pour the rest through for a drip style brewed fresh cup of coffee.  The amount of cups you make is based on how much coffee grounds you put in your brew filter.  Works best with a #2 filter like these from Melitta.-

Melitta Cone Coffee Filters 40 Count #2 Natural Brown