New to Me Product Review: Verena Street Coffee - Nine Mile Sunset

This morning I was lucky enough to discover a brand new to me coffee and I'm more than thrilled to chat about it Coffee Talking.  (NO this is not a paid review, when I talk 'coffee' it's usually purchased by ME, so you can be sure you are getting nothing but my own thoughts and opinions!)

First, I'd like to say that I had no idea this coffee existed until yesterday.  You see, it's only available in 700 stores in a small Midwestern state market (but you CAN order online).  If you live in Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota or Wisconsin, you might already but lucky enough to drink it.  Me?  I've lived all over the country but currently live far, far away in a distant galaxy...

I am visiting family in the Midwest and in order to not drink up all my host's coffee (hee hee) we made a trip to the local Sam's Club to purchase a box of k-cups.  While I was intending to just pick up a box of Starbucks Pike Place, I saw these;  Verena Street Coffee - and because it was new to me, I had to stop and read the box.    Looked good, so my host and I decided TWO boxes of coffee were in order, the standby Starbucks and the new Verena Street Coffee.

So, who IS Verena Street Coffee?

Here is from their website;

"Verena Street Coffee is named after the quiet neighborhood nestled in the Mississippi River valleys of Dubuque, Iowa where we grew up. Five houses lined this street and our extended family of aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents were our only neighbors.

In the early 2000s, Verena Street was removed for highway expansion. Erased by the progress of modern development, the narrow lane called “Verena Street” survives only in our memories. Today, countless cars pass over the spot where we once played on the swing set our grandfather built.

Hoping to recapture the excitement of our childhood, Verena Street lives on as the namesake of our craft roasted coffee. Although we can no longer walk down Verena Street, it is a place we can once again call home."

Verena Street Coffee Co. is a privately-held, family-owned organization founded in December, 2010.  They roast and package their coffee at their facility in Dubuque, Iowa. Verena Street Coffee can currently be found in over 700 grocery stores, club stores, warehouse stores and mass merchandisers in Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and surrounding areas.

How does it taste?

  • Smooth!
  • NOT BURNT!  (This is a HUGE HUGE issue for me.)
  • No cigarette ash taste, beef bouillon taste, or weird aftertaste.

They manage to somehow work their magic to make a dark roast that is not burnt, harsh, smokey or bitter.

From their product description on Amazon;

  • Full-Bodied and complex dark roast with a rich but appealing roast character
  • 72 Capsules (6 Boxes)
  • For use in most Keurig K-Cup brewing Machines
  • 100% Arabica Coffee
  • 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified Content

I honestly thought this was a new product all Sam's Clubs carried and was kind of excited when I saw it, as I figured it would be available at my local membership store back home.  After visiting their website I saw it was only in a limited market so I know it won't be in my home state.  However, it IS available through their website as well as Amazon.

I've linked below if you want to give it a try.

Well done, Verena Street Coffee!  Well done.

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Couple Missing for 2 Weeks Found in California Wilderness: Just one example of why you must have a get-home bag or other emergency bag in your car

This morning I've been trying to stay away from any political news as I just don't need to deal with that yet today!  Instead, I stumbled upon this story;   Couple missing for 2 weeks found in California wilderness and to be honest, I looked at the date, wondering why they were running this story again as it seems like I just read this story about 6 weeks ago.  Nope.  It was yet another one.  Another couple tries to find a shortcut and ends up lost in a remote area... and unfortunately, the husband did pass away.

WARNER SPRINGS, Calif. (AP) -- A couple missing for two weeks were found Sunday in a remote part of San Diego County with the elderly husband dead and his wife severely dehydrated, after surviving on just rain water and some food, authorities said.

Cecil Knutson, 79, Dianna Bedwell, 68, were found near a Boy Scouts camp on the Los Coyotes Indian Reservation near Warner Springs, sheriff's Lt. Ken Nelson said.

Knutson's body was near a white car and Bedwell was inside the vehicle, he said.

They were last seen leaving the Valley View Casino in Valley Center, about 25 miles west of the wilderness camp, on May 10. Authorities said the two were planning on going to their son's home in the Palm Springs area for a Mother's Day dinner but they didn't show up there or return to their home in Orange County.

Bedwell, who was airlifted to a hospital in serious condition, told investigators they were looking for a shortcut when they got lost and stuck on a rugged road, Nelson said.

Their disappearance led to several ground and aerial searches of the back country. On Sunday afternoon, several people in off-road vehicles found the couple.

Bedwell said she survived on rain water and some food that was in the car. Nelson said investigators had a "very limited" conversation with Bedwell, and weren't able to ask how or when Knutson died.

The two were apparently diabetic, he said.

"It would be difficult for someone in good health to survive being in the wild for that long, let alone someone like her," Nelson said. "It's close to a miracle that she survived."

I imagined myself as the family waiting for their parents to show up for Mother's Day (when the family realized their parents were missing).  What heartbreak!!!  And although an emergency pack in the trunk with extra food, water, medicine and first aid may not have helped, then again, it may have.  It was just a couple weeks ago that two women survived on a few boxes of Girl Scout cookies they had purchased from a family member and had in their car as they made a short car trip but ended up lost and stuck as well.  

I lived in Southern California - moving there when I was just 18 years old.  I knew nothing about emergency kits, 72 hour kits or anything of the like.  I also lived right smack dab in the middle of suburbia - Riverside and Moreno Valley, while my husband and I commuted to LA and later, Corona.  Even though I was young, I instinctively made us both "emergency kits" for our trunks.  I had no internet or anyone to get information from; it's just something I felt we needed to have.

I built our first 'kits' out of a metal coffee can.

My purpose was mostly centered on the long commutes and the chance of being stuck in traffic after an earthquake.
My little 18 year old brain already knew I needed to plan for being stuck for hours so in that empty coffee can I managed to put granola bars, nuts, Capri Suns, alcohol wipes, a roll of toilet paper, a pencil and paper, a deck of cards, a cheap rain poncho and a book of matches.

Our 'get home' kits are vastly different now (and geared to whatever location/state we happen to live in and the disasters prone to that area) - AND when our kids started driving and going off to college, I made sure they each had an emergency bag for their vehicles.  Their bags are geared not only to being stuck in traffic, but the ability to leave their vehicle and hike across the state to get to their Grandparents or their Uncles if need be - primitive camping on the way if they have to.

In the cases of people getting lost, stuck or running out of gas on back roads in the wilderness, are hurt or elderly or just don't have any idea of where they are; Emergency rescue can more easily see a large VEHICLE than they can a tiny little body.  Staying with the vehicle is almost always a good idea and help comes.  However, if you have no water or medicine, help has to arrive within mere days.


Start with some basics and personalize as your situation, interests, family dynamics & locations warrant.

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What I'm drinking this morning.... Eight o'Clock Dark Italian Roast - one of the best, affordable options out there

Although I'd love to write this awesome, amazing post about the latest and greatest coffee I'm enjoy and want to share... I'm actually drinking one of my favorite "fall back" coffee's this week.  The budget was tight and although I wanted to get a case of Pike Place k-cups (don't drink it in the pot or at the coffee shop... but the home version in k-cups?  Awesome.) but at $33 for just 54 of them, eh.  So instead I popped into my local store to see if they had Eight o'Clock - purple box - on sale.

It wasn't on sale, but it's still one of the best priced coffee's out there - that are drinkable.  More than drinkable... it's good.  Very good.

The dark Italian Roast blend is crafted from strictly high grown premium 100% Arabica beans from Latin America to East Africa..  It's their darkest roast and delivers a strong aroma, very subtle flavors of chocolate and caramel with a bold, full-bodied finish. 

Eight o'Clock coffee is usually one of the most affordable options on the shelves - but it's not to the flavor.  They are outstanding and I will choose them over a couple very well known brands every single time.

Because I have a crazy-strong sense of smell and taste; with cheaper (and sometimes expensive) coffees I pick up a couple horrible undertones of cigarette ash, burnt beef bouillon or similar undesirable tastes.  Especially if the coffee has cooled even a little and isn't piping hot.  (Which, to me, is at least 192 degrees, which is what I drink my coffee at).  Not this one.  It's the one coffee I know I can continue to sip even after it's cooled down a bit... no disgusting flavors sneak through.

And that is what I'm drinking this morning.  And this week.

Eh, you might be interested in picking up some of your own from Amazon if you can't find it locally;

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Father's Day = Dads plus Coffee! (Coffee themed t-shirts for Dad!)

This morning I'm sipping my coffee, reading the news, when suddenly I think "Hmm. Father's Day is coming up" because until that second, I really hadn't thought about it. So I hopped over to Amazon to see what coffee themed t-shirts they have - because, believe it or not, I've never got him a coffee themed t-shirt before.  Beer yes.  Calvin and Hobbes yes. Coffee cups and coffee, yes.  But t-shirts?  Nope. 

And that my coffee loving friends, is how this mornings post came about.  


Here is a list of the same shirts by funny coffee sayings;

Starbucks Junkee
No Talkie Before Coffee    
Coffee - The Most Important Meal of the Day
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Coffee Lovers - Beans Front and Back
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