Father's Day = Dads plus Coffee! (Coffee themed t-shirts for Dad!)

This morning I'm sipping my coffee, reading the news, when suddenly I think "Hmm. Father's Day is coming up" because until that second, I really hadn't thought about it. So I hopped over to Amazon to see what coffee themed t-shirts they have - because, believe it or not, I've never got him a coffee themed t-shirt before.  Beer yes.  Calvin and Hobbes yes. Coffee cups and coffee, yes.  But t-shirts?  Nope. 

And that my coffee loving friends, is how this mornings post came about.  


Here is a list of the same shirts by funny coffee sayings;

Starbucks Junkee
No Talkie Before Coffee    
Coffee - The Most Important Meal of the Day
I Love Guns & Coffee T-Shirt
Drink Coffee Do Stupid Things Faster
Coffee Lovers - Beans Front and Back
I Just Want to Drink Coffee, Create Stuff, and Sleep
Star Wars Coffee
Structural Formula-Coffee
Caffeine System