Sometimes all you want or need to say is: "You are a Good Mom" for Mother's Day. So, say it with a Mother's Day Coffee Mug

Leave it to me to completely forget (or just not realize) Mother's Day is next weekend.  You see, I'm not one for "Hallmark Holidays"  - you know, where marketing pummels you with guilt about giving stuff for holidays in order to raise their bottom line.  Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day...  they make you feel like a heel if you don't spend $500 on something glitzy, fancy and huge.  Honestly?  I'd be upset if my husband got me a big old gaudy necklace, diamond earrings or something expensive for Valentines Day or Mother's Day.  (As a matter of fact, he doesn't have to get me anything for Mother's Day - I'm not his mother.)  But to honor him as the father of our children, and to honor me as the mother of his children, we do usually get each other something small.  Meaningful.  Something that is special and not based on how much we spent.

Which is why I love these mugs.

I've featured various versions of the That's All Ceramic Mug previously as I love them!  Very simple.  Some are sweet, some are a little sarcastic (like me) and some are just...  right on for what you want to say.

So if you want to tell your wife or Mom she is a good mom...  this will do it.

And when I found it on Amazon I saw the "You are a good Dad" version too.  Well...  with Father's Day coming up in a few weeks as well, I thought I'd put Dad and Mom together on this page.  Two birds with one stone and all that.

Both are available through Amazon - but some local Hallmark stores carry them too!
Santa Barbara Design Studio That's All Ceramic Mug, Good Mom
Santa Barbara Design Studio That's All Ceramic Mug, Good Dad