What I'm drinking this morning.... Eight o'Clock Dark Italian Roast - one of the best, affordable options out there

Although I'd love to write this awesome, amazing post about the latest and greatest coffee I'm enjoy and want to share... I'm actually drinking one of my favorite "fall back" coffee's this week.  The budget was tight and although I wanted to get a case of Pike Place k-cups (don't drink it in the pot or at the coffee shop... but the home version in k-cups?  Awesome.) but at $33 for just 54 of them, eh.  So instead I popped into my local store to see if they had Eight o'Clock - purple box - on sale.

It wasn't on sale, but it's still one of the best priced coffee's out there - that are drinkable.  More than drinkable... it's good.  Very good.

The dark Italian Roast blend is crafted from strictly high grown premium 100% Arabica beans from Latin America to East Africa..  It's their darkest roast and delivers a strong aroma, very subtle flavors of chocolate and caramel with a bold, full-bodied finish. 

Eight o'Clock coffee is usually one of the most affordable options on the shelves - but it's not to the flavor.  They are outstanding and I will choose them over a couple very well known brands every single time.

Because I have a crazy-strong sense of smell and taste; with cheaper (and sometimes expensive) coffees I pick up a couple horrible undertones of cigarette ash, burnt beef bouillon or similar undesirable tastes.  Especially if the coffee has cooled even a little and isn't piping hot.  (Which, to me, is at least 192 degrees, which is what I drink my coffee at).  Not this one.  It's the one coffee I know I can continue to sip even after it's cooled down a bit... no disgusting flavors sneak through.

And that is what I'm drinking this morning.  And this week.

Eh, you might be interested in picking up some of your own from Amazon if you can't find it locally;

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