Coffee Donations to our US Troops Serving Honorably All Around the World: Donating Coffee to our Soliders (Boca Java)

This morning I was sipping my coffee and thinking about what 'coffee' themed post would be good for the upcoming Fourth of July holiday.  As I brainstormed in my head, I remembered a coffee company that donated coffee to our troops when you purchased a bag.  (I actually did a sponsored post for them back in 2006 or 2007 in which they sent me a coffee mug and a hat and a bag of coffee. That's how I originally heard about them!) This is not a sponsored post though.  

I did a quick web search and found they are still in business, have grown quite a bit in the last 10 years and are still donating coffee to our troops.

Since 2005, Boca Java and loyal customers have donated over 8.1 MILLION cups of gourmet coffee to our U.S. Troops serving honorably all around the world.  It's a 'matching' program, meaning: They match each bag donated by customers.

From their website:  Information about the 'Send Coffee to the Troops' program:
  • Why did Boca Java start this program?

  • In Oct 2003, one of the troops in Iraq contacted us requesting a coffee donation. The letter went on to explain there were many things the troops have to go without, but a few things, like a good cup of coffee would really be appreciated.

    We mailed out several boxes and received a nice email back in Nov 2003 that showed us how much they appreciated it. From that point forward, we have been sending regular shipments to the troops and we continue to get tremendous feedback on how much they appreciate it.

    In 2005, we expanded our donation program to invite our customers to send an 8 oz bag of coffee to the troops. The program has been such an overwhelming positive experience for both our military serving honorably overseas, and for us internally as a company; and the results speak for themselves. Over 7.9 Million Cups Served!

  • How do you get the troops addresses that you ship to?

  • We get them through a variety of sources. We have established an amazing professional relationship with the United Service Organizations (USO). Professional military personnel, friends, spouses and extended families of troops, will often email us directly. Troops that have previously received coffee, will often request it again when they get re-deployed.

    In addition, we started asking our customers to send us addresses for any troops that are stationed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait and other active areas overseas. To send us an address of a troop that would appreciate some coffee, make a donation of at least one bag of coffee and you will be prompted for an address after you check out. Please make sure the address you provide is complete, verified and current. We will do our best to honor the shipping address requested but cannot guarantee which unit/base it will go to.

  • Do any troops qualify?

  • Any troops that are active in any of our branches of service qualify.

  • If I provide you an address of a troop, will you guarantee a shipment?

  • Unfortunately, we cannot ship coffee to a specific troop location. We have partnered with the USO and, per their requirements, we send all troop coffee donations directly to them. The USO re-distributes to active duty soldiers around the World.

  • How do you ship?

  • We ship through a variety of methods, depending the shipment's timing, size and destination. Fresh roasted troop coffee can leave the roastery in cases, pallets, and truck loads. For smaller military coffee drops, we ship through the United States Postal System using priority mail so they get it quickly. We only ship to valid and current APO and FPO addresses.

  • How do you know if the shipping address is valid?

  • We require an email address for every APO/FPO shipping address we receive. We send the troop an email asking them to verify their shipping address and to let us know how many troops are in their unit. The number of troops helps us determine how many bags to send.

  • How many bags of coffee do you send to each troop?

  • The number of troops in a unit determines how many boxes we send. Most addresses we ship 3 - 5 boxes (over 5,000 - 10,000 cups) and replenish the supply when they contact us letting us know it is out.

  • What type of coffee do you send?

  • We typically send a variety of ground coffee, including medium-roasted, dark-roasted and flavored (all in regular and decaf).

  • Can I specify the type of coffee I want to send?

  • Not at the moment but if that is an important concern, send us an email through Contact Us and it will be forwarded to our program coordinator. Please include ''COFFEE FOR TROOPS'' in the subject line.

  • Do you only donate coffee to the troops?

  • No, in addition to our great gourmet coffees, we have also donated our hand picked loose leaf teas, delicious gourmet hot cocoas, chai lattes, coffee grinders, mugs, coffee makers and more.

  • Is my donation tax deductable?

  • Unfortunately, at this time, your donation does not qualify as being tax deductable.

  • Does Boca Java make money on this program?

  • No. Boca Java does not profit from this program. We are doing this to show our support of our troops and give them a taste of home while they are making the sacrifices to protect us and be away from their families. We purchase, roast, pack, ship and manage the program and all logistics associated with providing consumable products for our military.

Visit Boca Java for more information.

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