Everyone hates the Keurig 2.0 - And They Have Valid Points! Keurig is bringing back the My K-Cup for the 2.0 (begrudgingly but they are doing it)

  Once upon a time, Keurig came out with a new way to brew coffee.  The little individual one-time use cups in their specialized brewers delivered an amazingly good, fresh, hot cup of coffee and changed the way Americans brewed their home java.  Within a couple years it was "the" coffee brewer to have and sales were through the roof.  As soon as they could legally do so, competitors finally got the chance to come out with their versions of the k-cups and reusable, non-disposable cups in which consumers could use their own coffee grounds - any brand.

Keurig didn't like that much.  They liked being the big dog and got more than a little cocky (and somewhat mean) when they turned against their own consumers. 

In the late summer of 2014, Keurig introduced its “2.0” line of coffeemakers.  While the idea of being able to make more than a single cup of coffee at a time was great and good for it's consumers...  it got greedy and a little sneaky.

It made the machine incompatible with any K-cups already in existence, as well as with any unlicensed disposable K-cups made by other companies and they stopped making a "My K-Cup" re-sueable cup for it

You bought their specialized, overpriced cups or you got nothing.  That coffeemaker you spent almost $300 to purchase was worthless if you didn't invest in their cups.  No other options existed.

The reaction was at first, confusion but quickly followed by anger.  Social media (Amazon and even Keurigs own site) was filled with angry comments from consumers stuck with paying $50-$60 per pound for coffee or their machines were useless.  And those who had boxes of k-cups already on hand were out of luck.  There was no way to use them in the new machines.

Keurig then did something really stupid.  They tried to spoon feed them the line it was for their own good.  Yep, they really did.

The company explained on their Facebook page;  “The My K-Cup accessory and other reusable filters are not compatible with Keurig 2.0 Brewing Technology because the brewer has no way of determining what beverage is being used or how much coffee is being added, and therefore cannot adjust to factors such as brew strength and amount of water, which could represent a safety concern.”

Thankfully, ingenious consumers and bloggers figured out ways to get the cups to work and the internet was a buzz with people explaining how to carefully cut off the rim of a 'new' cup and lay it over the old cups they already owned and trick the machine to brewing a cup of coffee.

(They were obviously being very "unsafe" according to the money hungry Keurig company.)

Although Keurig tried to push their 2.0, sales were down and they literally were giving them away.  The internet was filled with bloggers holding contests to win a Keurig 2.0 and the price on the shelves of retailers fell and fell.  Huge numbers of machines were on the shelves and going no where fast.

Keurig finally had to publicly say something.  For CEO Brian Kelley, apparently when lack of sales hit his own pocket and those of the investors, he had to admit they screwed up and explain it to Wall Street.   It was kind of 'back-handed" and rather passive-aggresive. 

“We heard loud and clear from consumers,” said Brian Kelley, “who really wanted the My K-Cup back. We want consumers to be able to bring any brand and bringing the My Cup back allows that." “My K-Cup was a terrific addition for the consumer. It wasn’t used a lot, but for the consumer it was a nice element to have if they were given coffee as a gift. . . . We took it away because My K-Cup” wasn’t going to work with our new system."  "Quite honestly, we were wrong. We underestimated the passion the consumer had for this. We missed it. We shouldn’t have taken it away. We’re bringing it back.”

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